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APC Annual Report 2006

By APC (July 2007, APC )
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APC Annual Report 2007

By APC (July 2008, APC )
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Audited Annual Financial Statements for 2008

By Douglas and Velcich (chartered accountants) (July 2009, APC )
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Click Against Violence: Taking 16 Days of Activism Online

JOHANNESBURG 10 November 2010 (IPS)

APC Women and Inter Press Service Africa are co-hosting a media roundtable entitled ‘Click Against Violence: Taking 16 Days of Activism Online’ on November 17 in Johannesburg, to discuss online gender based violence and resources available to cover the issue. Find out how to participate

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Click Against Violence: Taking 16 Days of Activism Online

10 November 2010
JOHANNESBURG 10 November 2010 (IPS) -

The Story of Electronics: How e-waste is generated

The Story of Electronics an accessible and very
smart eight minute film about e-waste, will be playing at as of this Tuesday, November 9.

The latest internet video release by Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff
Project employs a simple but never “dumbed-down” communication style.
“The Story of Electronics” provides all consumers of e

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Ecuadorian Valeria Betancourt to lead APC's policy programme

MONTEVIDEO 8 November 2010 (KAH for APCNews)

Last month Valeria Betancourt was named the third most influential person in internet public policy in Latin America in a survey carried out by a well-known ICT policy and research think-tank. She also became APC’s policy manager taking over from South African Willie Currie, after leading our policy work in Latin America since 2001.

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