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The internet is a “radically different” place because of APC

MONTEVIDEO 5 July 2010 (Frederick Noronha and Karen Higgs for APCNews)

The pioneering work of APC founders in the mid-1980s helped establish the internet as a public and open platform for global communications and the decisions they took created an open network, years before the first web page was written. “We would open up the networks at a time when commercial operators were intent on keeping their systems as isolated islands,” says founder Mitra. By 1992, APC was connecting non-profits in over 90 countries. Frederick Noronha and Karen Higgs delve into APC’s past to commemorate APC’s twenty years networking online for social justice and sustainable development.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's 2011 Access to Learning Award (ATLA) now accepting applications


The Access To Learning Award recognizes the innovative efforts of public libraries and similar institutions outside the United States to connect people to information and opportunities through free access to computers and the Internet. The award is given by Global Libraries, an initiative of the foundation’s Global Development Program.

ICT Update Issue 55, June 2010: Cooperatives


Working together in a cooperative has many advantages for farmers. Collating their harvested crops means they can sell in bulk, demand better prices and have greater bargaining powers with buyers. Pooling resources also creates the opportunity to buy expensive equipment, such as food-processing and packaging machinery.

100th screening of "10 tactics for turning information into action" screened by Ugandan member WOUGNET

The documentary 10 tactics for turning information into action, produced by Tactical Tech and launched in December 2009 has been screened, by NGOs, rights advocates and independent media, at over 100 events, reaching 5155 people.

The 100th screening was held on June 1st in Kampala, Uganda, by WOUGNET.

Mobile Services in a Wireless World: The CTA 2009 ICT Observatory Meeting

The use of mobile phones currently dominates discussion among communities working with e-agriculture and ICTs for Development (ICT4D). Mobile telephony is a catalyst for social inclusion. It offers a wide range of services that support social networking and knowledge transfer.

Community Radio@World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 2010 Dhaka, Bangladesh by BNNRC


Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is going to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2010. The A three days national program will be inaugurated on this grand occasion in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 17th May, Monday 2010.

Joomla – a community of web builders!


Joomla means in Swahili (Urdu) “all together” and to a certain extend they have been living up their name of being a system that is end-user friendly, developer friendly and also takes care of the design of your website and the way a content management system should work.
Designers will choose Joomla because of the amazing capabilities that its engine has in making websites look fantastic.

Violence against women and ICTs: Reports from 10 countries

By APC (May 2010, GenderIT )
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