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Computer Aid launches new guide for advocacy on e-waste issues

LONDON 11 October 2011 (Computer Aid)

Computer Aid recently launched a guide for NGOs and civil society working on issues of e-waste in their country. The free resource provides practical information and tools on how to conduct campaigns to reduce the impacts of electronics on the environment and people.

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Let's get spectrum right: It's time to start making use of TV white spaces

NAIROBI 3 October 2011 (APC for APC)

The use and management of spectrum was raised repeatedly during the IGF with many seeing digital migration and TV white spaces as an exciting opportunity for bridging the access gap. A number of recommendations came out of an APC workshop on spectrum for development as APC schedules a white spaces workshop in Joburg this week.

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APC's closing statement to the Sixth Internet Governance Forum

By APC (September 2011, APC )

In its statement at the close of the sixth IGF, APC criticises the lack of non-governmental participation in development of the IG proposals which dominated discussions and calls for human rights be the main theme of the IGF in 2012.

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APC is seeking English language copy-editors

MONTEVIDEO 28 September 2011 (APC)

APC produces scores of publications every year. If you are an eagle-eyed copy-editor looking for freelance work we are interested to hear from you.

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Can we have internet governance without internet rights?

27 September 2011
NAIROBI 27 September 2011 (APC) -

Tuesday September 26 – Many important technical decisions about internet architecture are being made right now — decisions that will have consequences for decades. At present, policy choices are being made largely without the input of civil society and without sufficient consideration of the public good.

Women human rights defenders and the internet

PRAGUE 23 September 2011 ( for

GenderIT examines the risks many activists face online. “Security emerged not only as one of the main topics in our interviews but also forced us to change our ways of working so that we didn’t jeopardise the safety of our interviewees,” say the editors. A must read.

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APC: Support Swedish proposal for UN panel on freedom of expression & the internet

JOHANNESBURG 14 September 2011 (APC for APC)

APC has put out a statement strongly endorsing the proposal of the Swedish Government for an expert panel on freedom of expression at the United Nations. We invite you to endorse the statement.

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APC Statement of Support for An Expert Panel on Freedom of Expression and the Internet at the UN

By APC (September 2011, APC )

APC puts out a statement strongly endorsing the proposal of the Swedish Government for an expert panel on human rights and the internet at the United Nations.

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New stats on porn and internet!


We’ve been waiting for new statistics for over half a decade now and finally here they are. Woo hoo!

So now we can quote Dr.

BREAKING NEWS Sweden to propose expert panel on internet and human rights at the UN

28 August 2011
WELLINGTON 28 August 2011 (APC) -

At the 18th session of the UN Human Rights Council next week, the Swedish government will propose a resolution to establish an expert panel to investigate the question of human rights on the internet. If established the panel will convene at the 19th session in March 2012.

“This is really fantastic news,” said Joy Liddicoat, a lawyer and head of APC’s Connect Your Rights! campaign.

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