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20 years later: APC to push for a more sustainable use of ICTs in Rio

CALGARY 13 June 2012 (LC for APCNews)

As international organisations, civil society, governments and the private sector gather in Rio for the UN convention on sustainable development and the People’s summit, APC staff and members, too, will be live tweeting and reporting on the event, holding workshops and speaking on panels.

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Green-my-tech tip sheets

By GreenNet (June 2012, APC )

This practical set of tip sheets compiled by GreenNet offers hands-on computing tips; like where and how to select technology, software and peripherals, storing information, disposal and end of life.

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Freedom of expression and the Internet: How to reconcile practice and principles?

GENEVA 22 May 2012 (ITU)

Watch the full (and very dynamic) discussion that took place in Geneva on May 17. Five seasoned human rights defenders faced off on the specific right to freedom of expression and how it relates to the internet. How to reconcile practice and principles when it comes to freedom of expression on the net? Anyone?

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Must read: The internet, human rights and the UPR

GENEVA 22 May 2012 (Joy Liddicoat for APC)

This must-read Q&A is a great resource on how the internet and human rights are related. This short catch-all article summarises the “why” behind APC’s efforts to have the internet recognised as a very powerful enabler of human rights. It’s the one article you should read to dig into what’s happening at the UN in Geneva this week.

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New guide for policy makers on ICTs and climate change

MANCHESTER 17 May 2012 (Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina (Ed) for Unversity of Manchester)

The University of Manchester has released a new guide on ICTs and climate change in developing countries that aims to help policy makers and climate change officers in their decision-making process. It outlines issues, priorities, benefits, risks, and more.

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GISWatch has won the ITU-awarded WSIS project prize 2012

MONTREAL 16 May 2012 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications, in close cooperation with APC members, networks and civil society groups, is pleased to accept the WSIS Project Prize from the International Telecommunications Union for the achievements of the GISWatch project in “the role of public governance authorities and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICT for development.”

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Women human rights defenders & the digital security concerns

11 May 2012 (APC)

Take this brief survey to help three NGOs understand women human rights defenders’ experiences and views on online security. All responses are anonymised and will help inform the work of activists. Survey closes May 18!

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New release: The OpenNet Initiative's 2011 Year in Review

CAMBRIDGE 8 May 2012 (Qichen Zhang for ONI Blog)

The OpenNet Initiative released its 2011 Year in Review, a collection of the year’s top instances of filtering, surveillance, and information warfare around the globe. The spotlight was on the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US and on Asian and Middle Eastern countries and regimes as well as European and American companies for their role in internet censorship.

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Water-related stress and ICTs: New publication includes developing country experiences

JOHANNESBURG 8 May 2012 (Alan Finlay and Edit Adera for APC)

This new report by APC and IDRC is a collection of reports that looks at how ICTs can be used to help communities in developing countries facing water stress adapt to climate change. It draws on current experiences in the field of water management and sustainability, and brings a perspective from the ICT for development (ICT4D) sector.

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ITU's Young Innovators 2012 Competition - call for projects

The ITU Telecom Young Innovators Competition 2012 is now accepting applications.

The ITU is looking for socially engaged young people and identify projects with a genuine potential to succeed.

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