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No copyrights without human rights - APC joins the SOPA blackout

18 January 2012
JOHANNESBURG 18 January 2012 (APC) -

Today, APC joined dozens of sites and organisations in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect-IP Act (PIPA) by blacking out. These two bills, if passed, represent an unprecedented threat to the open internet as we know it, with impacts felt far beyond the borders of the United States.

Access to the internet and human rights - thanks Vint!

WELLINGTON 16 January 2012 (Joy Liddicoat for APC)

APC responds to Vint Cerf’s recent column, “Access to the Internet is Not a Human Right”, with an open letter supporting his challenge to the technical community and engineers to put human rights to the forefront of internet design.

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Planet Text: How SMS Messaging is Changing the World

SMS messaging, better known as texting, is changing how many of us interact with each other on a daily basis. However, beyond just simple communication, it is astounding to see how texting is reshaping the lives of so many.

New gTLD Applicant Support Programme does not go far enough

WELLINGTON 12 January 2012 (APC for APCNews)

APC welcomes the proposal, while noting that it does not go far enough in supporting developing country applicants. To be truly successful, the proposal must include provisions for greater capacity building, increased transparency and a more representative review panel which would include experts from developing countries.

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Make the Connection

OTTAWA 12 January 2012 (GJ for APCNews)

Where were you when you first “connected your rights”? The Connect your rights! campaign is calling for submissions of blogs, poems, digital stories, artwork and other visuals to help others make the connection. The top submissions will be featured on

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APC's UPR submissions set the stage for government accountability on internet rights

10 January 2012
OTTAWA 10 January 2012 (APC) -

APC is pleased to announce the submission of country reports for India, Brazil, South Africa and Ecuador for the Universal Periodic Review process, which will convene at the UN in May 2012.

Scarlet vs SABA, groundbreaking internet rights case, but does it reach far enough?


The recent judgement from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on filtering and copyright enforcement has been hailed as a success for the free internet.

Why SOPA might pass -- and why it shouldn't


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is being debated in the US House of Representatives today. Wildly unpopular, this bill is the latest in a series of extreme and reactionary legislation that seek a heavy-handed approach to dealing with copyright infringement online. If passed, SOPA would grant broad powers to censor and restrict content on the Internet.

Twelve years of leading online communications for social change: APC says goodbye to Karen Higgs

MONTEVIDEO 12 December 2011 (APC for APC)

It is with a heavy heart that the APC says farewell to long-standing communications manager Karen Higgs, who is leaving at the end of 2011 to take on new and personal endeavours. Congratulations Karen, and thank you for all you’ve done! All the best down your new path.

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Join us in putting the internet on the human rights agenda

OTTAWA 8 December 2011 (APC for APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications, in coordination with local members and networks, successfully submitted UPR reports for India, Brazil, South Africa and Ecuador focused on internet-related human rights issues. We call on civil society groups and governments to lobby for internet-related rights issues to be on the agenda in their respective countries.

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