Wireless technology

Can the Cellphone Help End Global Poverty?

New York, USA

If you need to reach Jan Chipchase, the best, and sometimes only, way to get him is on his cellphone. The first time I spoke to him last fall, he was at home in his apartment in Tokyo.

Mobile phones and poverty reduction: Can this shortcut work in Latin America?

MONTEVIDEO 2 April 2008 (Natalia Uval for APCNews)

Mobile phones can be the way into the information society for lower income people and less developed regions. Some structural factors help: mobile phones do not require either electricity or special training and the costs of connectivity are much lower than those of landline telephones.

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Wireless training meeting

ICTP Institute
Date and time: 
Feb 28 2008 (All day) - Feb 29 2008 (All day)

The meeting focused on discussing possible collaborative development of standardized training materials and curricula.

CANCELLED: Central European Workshop on Low-cost Wireless Broadband Internet Access in Rural and Remote Areas

Date and time: 
Sep 17 2008 (All day) - Sep 19 2008 (All day)

Event cancelled!
Aims of the Workshop

TRICALCAR South region workshop

Date and time: 
Oct 22 2007 (All day) - Oct 27 2007 (All day)

Grants for capacity in wireless networks: And the winners are...


The first regional workshop on capacity building in community wireless networking will take place between July 16 and 21 in the Huaral City of Peru. Organised by APC members, APC and partners, 29 people – ten of which are women – from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia will meet with the objective of extending the community wireless connectivity model to the Andean zone. Their names have recently been announced.

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The sky’s the limit: new wireless connection record - 382 kilometres

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 4 June 2007 (AL for APCNews)

“This is a technology that works, a proven technology, and what it needs is a bit more promotion,” said Ermanno Pietrosemoli just days after reaching a new wireless connection record of 382 kilometres. The president of Venezuelan APC member EsLaRed spoke with APCNews by conference call about this low-cost solution that is impacting the world’s rural communities.

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We killed the previous business models that tried to charge for WiFi

MONTREAL, CANADA 4 June 2007 (FD for APCNews)

With about 90 active volunteers over the years, Île Sans Fil now has managed to install some 130 hotspots all around town, using a nice piece of software. Wifidog is an open source solution designed primarily for wireless community groups, it is now in use in more than 36 locations, including at the municipality of Rosario (Argentina), the Tegucigalpa technical university (Honduras) or the Hull libraries (United Kingdom). Can Wifidog work in the developing world? Interview with the key figure of the group, Michael Lenczner.

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