2012 GISWatch on “the internet and corruption” launched during the IGF

PERGAMINO 16 November 2012 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

APC and Hivos launched the 2012 edition of the Global Information Society Watch during the second day of the Internet Governance Forum that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in a joint presentation with the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Internet & Society Co:llaboratory.

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New edition is out! "Crossing borders: Cyberspace and national security"

29 October 2012 (

This edition of explores the online safety of women human rights defenders from the perspective of national security and counter-terrorism. While online & offline security measures adversely impact on women’s and sexual rights, women and sexual minorities are still two of the most invisible stakeholders in national security debates.

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New guide: Digital Security and Journalists: A Snapshot of Awareness and Practice in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD 17 August 2012 (Bytes for All)

B4A Pakistan has recently published new research on “Digital Security and Journalists: A Snapshot of Awareness and Practice in Pakistan”, which aims to help journalists and bloggers – especially women – better understand the dangers online, and provides them with tools to communicate online in a secure way.

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Three days of action

The Association for Progressive Communications is running three days of action this week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – as part of its Connect Your Rights! campaign. Help us spread the word that Internet Rights are Human Rights! with three simple actions for you and your friends can undertake.

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Locking up cyberspace could lead to undemocratic elections in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD 24 February 2012 (Bytes for All)

The government of Pakistan currently has plans to filter the internet, which will affect freedom of expression, speech and opinion in the country. Bytes for All fears the internet will be further restricted as the 2013 general elections approach. Read the public statement by Bytes for All.

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Make the Connection

OTTAWA 12 January 2012 (GJ for APCNews)

Where were you when you first “connected your rights”? The Connect your rights! campaign is calling for submissions of blogs, poems, digital stories, artwork and other visuals to help others make the connection. The top submissions will be featured on

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APC's submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Ecuador

QUITO 23 November 2011 (APC for APCNews)

APC’s submission for Ecuador to the Universal Period Review process, with support from CIESPAL and Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados, highlights the critical importance of the Internet for human rights, as well as social and economic development.

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Connect Your Rights!: Training workshop in Central America

Date and time: 
Nov 7 2011 - Nov 11 2011


Costa Rica
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Internet rights are human rights


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APC invites members of women’s rights defenders organisations in Central America to participate in the workshop on data and identity protection and security for human rights defenders. The workshop, which lasts 5 days, is organised by APC’s Women’s Network Support Program as part of its campaign “Connect your rights!

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Cooperativa Sulá Batsú

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