10 ways to make Twitter work for feminist activism

Cape Town, South Africa

Twitter provides people with a platform to share their opinions, to interact with like-minded people (not always), and to communicate in real-time and on a global scale.

Uganda anti homosexuality bill boomeranging back on the web

KAMPALA 5 December 2012 (FD for APCNews)

Do you remember the culture jamming actions against official websites in Uganda last August? Anonymous activists managed to modify content on presidential and governmental websites in a way that showed the government as apologizing to the Ugandan LGBT community for repeated persecution of gays and lesbians. Just a few months later, Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is there again and it could be passed into law imminently.

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How Africa tweets - visualised

United Kingdon

How Africa tweets: visualised

Twitter is often thought of as a European and American phenomenon. But how does Africa use the social networking tool? Tweetminster and Portland have analysed more than 11.5m geo-located Tweets from the last three months of 2011.

Tweet to help end violence against women on November 25

CALGARY 24 November 2011 (LC for APC)

Tomorrow marks the first of 16 days of activism to end violence against women (#vaw), and the Take Back the Tech! campaign. This year, we’re kicking things off with a tweet-a-thon! Help us make #16days and #tbtt trending topics to help end VAW. Tweeting begins at GMT 1400.

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