Strategic use of the internet

Dawn of the digital city


“It’s a go for the installation tomorrow, I know I’m last minute, but that’s the life of a ninja,” Alexis Cornellier, director of operations for the Montreal-based community wireless network Île Sans Fil (ISF) wrote in an sms. ISF has now become a catalyst for the establishment of the digital city. Read the excellent article "Dawn of the Digital City" by Brendan K. Edwards in the pages of Siagu, an independent bi-monthly news and analysis magazine.

Interview with SANGONeT’s web editor: Getting the tech right

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 16 November 2006 (FD for APCNews)

The South African non-governmental organisation net (SANGONeT) is known for being at the forefront of South Africa’s civil society, especially in matters related to information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the internet. How that came to be and how SANGONeT is using technology is discussed with SANGONeT portal editor Fazila Farouk here.

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BETINHO PRIZE SPECIAL: Communication technologies, weapons against war in Colombia

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 9 October 2006 (AL for APCNews)

In the midst of an armed conflict, organising an audiovisual communication workshop for youth does not tend to be a priority for groups working in the area. Nevertheless, for the International Peace Observatory (IPO), a Colombian organisation that was a finalist for the Betinho prize in 2005, it is essential that small farmer communities – who are the first victims of the war – be able to tell their stories. APCNews spoke to Laura Lorenzi, president of the IPO, about how new technologies can become arms in the struggle against the war.

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Harambee project: Call for small grants applications

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA 26 September 2006 (Harambee)

The Harambee project coordinators are announcing a small grants facility to provide a number of sectoral based networks and

communities in Africa with funding for the development of greater collaborative capacity.

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Let the people speak! Days of hope and optimism

Highway Africa, Grahamstown South Africa

Tracey Naughton started off the session on community media at the Highway Africa conference with an old recording of the African National Congress’s underground radio station. As the speakers crackled with an Mkhonto weSizwe song, delegates sat in silence.

BETINHO PRIZE SPECIAL: MetaRecycling: “Noisy environments, unstable computers and curious people" - Part II

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 5 September 2006 (AL for APCNews)

The MetaRecycling movement is sustained by solid philosophical pillars. One of the basic concepts consists in treating computers as artisanal products.

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APCNews asks, Felipe Fonseca responds

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 5 September 2006 (AL for APCNews)

We are, with great pride, very close to certain social movements, especially those that fall within the context of tactical media.

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BETINHO PRIZE SPECIAL: MetaRecycling - "Noisy environments, unstable computers and curious people"

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 5 September 2006 (AL for APCNews)

The Metarecyclers consider that computers are craft artifacts that must be creatively manipulated. They not only have displayed a natural vocation for experimentation, the finalists of APC’s 2005 Betinho Prize also populated recycling centres all over Brazil. APCNews reports on this open, free and self-organised movement from Brazil.

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BETINHO PRIZE: The voices of women and communities through radio telecentres

TOULOUSE, FRANCE 4 August 2006 (AL for APCNews)

First it was radio, then the internet. First women’s organisations, then the community. The story of CEMINA, a Brazilian communication and gender organisation, is one of growth, change and openness. Its radio telecentre work captivated the APC Betinho Prize jury in 2005.

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Tiny Indian religious centre dreams of WiFi solutions for rural world

GOA, India

In a remote part of India, techies from across the globe plan to link up and share ideas to build solutions that could make a big difference to how the non-urban millions communicate.Wireless mesh networking is mesh networking implemented over a Wireless LAN. This type of Internet infrastructure is decentralized, relatively inexpensive, and very reliable and resilient, as each node need only transmit as far as the next node.

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