Strategic use of the internet

New Activist Toolkit: ICTs for Feminist Movement Building

11 August 2015 (JASS, APC and Women'sNet for APCNews)

This toolkit aims to assist activists to think through their communication strategies in a way that supports movement building. It offers a practical guide to writing a communication strategy and reviews a number of tools (ICTs) and technology-related campaigns which can be used in organising work.

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Storify: Internet Rights Training Exchange in Jakarta



A Government-Centred Global Conference of Cyberspace

The Hague

I was alerted to the Global Conference of Cyberspace by one of my fellow African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) alumni. In fact, I hoped to attend the civil-society-oriented pre-event, where I could have represented my organisation.

Digital Empowerment Foundation: “Not Too Inaccessible for Broadband: Connecting Remote Communities with Wireless Spectrum”

New Delhi, India

As part of the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), my colleague Ritu Srivastava and I I participated in an interactive session on Broadband for All organised at the RightsCon conference in Manila, Philippines.

Technical evaluation 2014 - Takebackthetech website redesign

Report details

The TBTT website redesign evaluation is useful for those working with web designers, themers and developers. Includes a suggested form for a design brief.

Publication date: 
January 2015

The TBTT website redesign evaluation is useful for those working with web designers, themers and developers.

Part of the suggestion is a sample form of Design brief we can use when contracting designers

1. Name of Project / description :

2. What you want communicate :
Rating Survey

3. How you would like to communicate this –
Infographics, …


APC at the Human Rights Council 27th session (#HRC27)

Joint statement on WSIS+10 high-level event

(June 2014, Association for Progressive Communications )
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Connecting our rights to #takebackthenet in Barcelona

Winnipeg, Canada

Last week in Barcelona, APC brought together activists, transformative techies, human rights defenders and academics from across the globe for our 12th tri-annual member meeting at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (BarcelonaTech UPC).

VIDEO: Alfredo López, from MayFirst/People LInk, on how to run a progressive & collaborative ISP


Alfredo López, founder of APC member May First/People Link (MF/PL), shares his experience running a progressive and collaborative ISP.

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