Strategic use of the internet

Storify: Internet Rights Training Exchange in Jakarta



A Government-Centred Global Conference of Cyberspace

The Hague

I was alerted to the Global Conference of Cyberspace by one of my fellow African School on Internet Governance (AfriSIG) alumni. In fact, I hoped to attend the civil-society-oriented pre-event, where I could have represented my organisation.

Digital Empowerment Foundation: “Not Too Inaccessible for Broadband: Connecting Remote Communities with Wireless Spectrum”

New Delhi, India

As part of the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), my colleague Ritu Srivastava and I I participated in an interactive session on Broadband for All organised at the RightsCon conference in Manila, Philippines.

Technical evaluation 2014 - Takebackthetech website redesign

The TBTT website redesign evaluation is useful for those working with web designers, themers and developers. Includes a suggested form for a design brief.

Publication date: 
January 2015

The TBTT website redesign evaluation is useful for those working with web designers, themers and developers.

Part of the suggestion is a sample form of Design brief we can use when contracting designers

1. Name of Project / description :

2. What you want communicate :
Rating Survey

3. How you would like to communicate this –
Infographics, …


APC at the Human Rights Council 27th session (#HRC27)

Joint statement on WSIS+10 high-level event

(June 2014, Association for Progressive Communications )
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Connecting our rights to #takebackthenet in Barcelona

Winnipeg, Canada

Last week in Barcelona, APC brought together activists, transformative techies, human rights defenders and academics from across the globe for our 12th tri-annual member meeting at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (BarcelonaTech UPC).

VIDEO: Alfredo López, from MayFirst/People LInk, on how to run a progressive & collaborative ISP


Alfredo López, founder of APC member May First/People Link (MF/PL), shares his experience running a progressive and collaborative ISP.

Video4change network, EngageMedia release new resources for activists

4 April 2013 (EngageMedia)

Over the past few months, EngageMedia as part of the video4change network has been developing four guides to support the work of video activists. The materials range from video security to using Android video apps. One outstanding example is “A guide on open source video editing” available here. Click for all four.

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