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Freedom Not Fear

MONTEVIDEO 10 October 2008 (LC for APCNews)

On October 11 2008, internet privacy advocates will be meeting in over twenty of Europe’s major cities and capitals in the Americas to launch the Freedom Not Fear campaign, which protests mass-surveillance and mass data retention that many governments world-wide are undertaking. Together, they will promote democracy, free speech and human rights, and raise awareness on this issue through protests, art displays, flash mobs and parties. This event takes place shortly after the data retention meeting in Budapest on September 19 2008, where APC members Green Spider and BlueLink were among the policy experts, academics and activists that met to discuss the new European data retention policy that will take effect in January 2009.

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International workshop in Budapest challenges data retention

25 September 2008
BUDAPEST 25 September 2008 (Central European University) -

70 international experts and e-activists met in Budapest on Friday
September 19 to discuss EU-wide policies on data retention and to develop

The end of privacy

22 September 2008
BUDAPEST 22 September 2008 (Central European University ) -

International experts and e-activists meet in Budapest to discuss data retention on the internet

Press announcement

September 18, 2008

Corporate complicity with the Great Firewall


Dmitri VItalievDmitri VItalievLike its precursor, the Great Wall of China, the Great Firewall was constructed to guard China from waves of

Vaulting the great firewall


In a commentary published on the Guardian on August 5 2008, NGO-in-a-Box’s Russian editor and project manager for information security says: “Civil society has answers to the problems posed by the imp

EU directive paints alternative ISPs black

BUDAPEST 3 August 2008 (maxigas for APCNews)

Stencil for German campaign against the EU Directive on data retention. Licence: CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0Stencil for German campaign against the EU Directive on data retention. Licence: CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0A European Union directive on data retention is set to be implemented in all member states from 2009, requiring all telecom providers to hold on to your email’s destination, the subject line and the sending time. European internet service providers are requested to retain not only email, but any metadata of communication originating from their network. But isn’t that a violation of the fundamental right to privacy, as defined by our 60-year old Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Isn’t it in direct defiance of APC’s Internet Rights Charter? Groups associated with the APC community, academics and radical technology collectives converge onto Budapest in September to seek a way out of Fortress Europe 2.0.

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