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Privacy: More than the right to delete and forget

SHARM EL-SHEIKH 26 November 2009 (Jac sm Kee for

Our worlds are increasingly networked and our personal data collected left, right and centre. Ask anyone who has to use a biometric identity card like Malaysian Jac sm Kee who has to give her ID number even if she’s just buying movie tickets online. We can be sure much of the information collected about us online is not that securely warehoused. So what needs to be done to protect our right to privacy online? And what about our own circle? If a boyfriend broadcasts an intimate photo via mobile phone, what then? Jac argues that in the digital age, personal data is no longer just our property, it has become part of who we are. What will be key in the future will be for us to have as much control as possible over our personal data — and that control should be based on “consent” rather than “protection of privacy”.

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Child Protection, Sexuality and Safety Online: Opposing camps

SHARM EL-SHEIKH 26 November 2009 (Indira Maya Ganesh for

Research coming out of the UK shows that British children are blasé about putting sexy images of themselves online. But some adults in governments and industry are intent on seeing children as victims where sexuality and the internet is concerned. Why on earth aren’t the powers-that-be actually listening to kids? asks Maya Ganesh reporting from the IGF.

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The APC ICT Policy Handbook (Second edition)

By APC/Ed. David Souter (November 2009, APC )

APC launched our first ICT policy handbook “for beginners” in 2003 to critical acclaim. It was the first comprehensive guide for non-technicians. Now APC has published an entirely rewritten second edition free and online for anyone to download.

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International civil society coalition to discuss global privacy standards

MADRID 9 October 2009 (Katitza Rodriguez for The Public Voice)

Privacy advocates and experts from the academic, consumer, digital rights and labor communities will discuss on November 3rd 2009 in Madrid with public officials and the business sector how to raise privacy awareness in the global community; and how better include civil society in the decision making processes for better global privacy and data protection standards. The conference “Global privacy standards in a global world” is being held by the Public Voice, an international coalition of civil societies. Find out how to register.

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Free Websites Online


A company that has done quite a nice job putting all the requirements of a website together in one platform is WEBRIQ, with an innovative online website builder suited to fit the needs of any small an

First Planning Workshop - EroTICs: Exploratory Research on Sexuality and the Internet

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pacific Regency, Menara Pan Global, Jln Punchak, Off Jln P Ramlee 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Date and time: 
Aug 7 2009 (All day) - Aug 10 2009 (All day)

EroTICs is a cross-country exploratory research project. This a two-and-a-half year research project taking place from 2008 to 2010 will respond to the question:

Best Legal Information And Cyber Law Portals Of India

Delhi, India.

Legal information is a very important for almost all the segments of a society. However, there is a dearth of Law portals and web sites in India.

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