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Forum Europe-China: IT systems on the age of the Internet

Liège, Belgium

Citizens in China and Europe from the academia, NGO, companies, government met in Liège (Belgium) to exchange perspectives and discuss on the topic of Information Society and the Internet in China and Europe. The workshop on “IT systems on the age of the Internet” (4-5 October) was the first step of the China-Europe Forum (6-7 October).


APC workshop: APC workshopAPC announces a one-day event on equitable access to ICT infrastructure for 10 November 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event will bring together innovative minds and experience in developing and implementing ICT policy and technology solutions for low-cost access and connectivity.

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Tell the geeks to stop developing software!!!


…. was one of the main conclusions of Ethan Zuckerman’s ‘killer’ presentation at the Web2forDev conference. "One thing all geeks love is developing software. Give a geek a free minute and he will start writing software" he says, although he himself is a geek and enthusiastic software developer. "Your task is to stop them!", he added.

WB, IMF blamed for holding back country's development

DHAKA, Bangladesh

A seminar on ‘Multi-Stakeholder National Consultation: CSOs and Aid Effectiveness’ was held in the city yesterday. The seminar was organised jointly by a research and advocacy organisation (and APC-member) VOICE and a global networking organisation ‘Reality of Aid’ at the Brac Centre, said a press release.

EDRI General Assembly Reaffirms Current Course

Skopje, Macedonia

Delegates representing NGOs-members of the EDRI (European Digital Rights) network took part in the General Assembly (GA) in Berlin September 1-2, 2007, discussing current issues of interest and the overall functioning of the association.

Open Access: Lowering the costs of international bandwidth in Africa

By Mike Jensen (October 2005, APC )

This paper was commissioned by the APC as part of the Catalysing Access to ICTs in Africa initiative and to contribute to APC’s efforts to promote open access to ICT infrastructure in Africa. According to the author, a variety of factors are responsible for the lack of acess to bandwith in Africa, but the biggest cause is the high cost of international connections to the global telecommunication backbones.

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ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh

As we all know, the information or knowledge-based society is no longer a matter of the ICT Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladeshfuture, but a very contemporary urge of the time. In almost all aspects of our life, we need information and knowledge to get our basic needs met, to make decision, to move around, to study, to work, to participate in social, economic and cultural activities. During the recent decades, many countries have laid down their National ICT Plan to keep up with the new trends of international development. Read the full article.

DRC: Alternatives reveals the first independent study on an internet infrastructure that can serve the entire country

MONTREAL, CANADA 21 August 2007 (Michel Lambert for Alternatives)

The NGO Alternatives revealed the first independent feasibility study on the implementation of a vast high-speed internet infrastructure the size of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Carried out by Congolese and international researchers, the study proposes, in particular, that the implementation of the internet network be carried out in partnership with the Congolese National Electricity Company (SNEL).

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DRC: No electric infrastructure, no internet backbone?

OUAGADOUGOU, BURKINA FASO 21 August 2007 (Tiego Tiemtoré for APCNews)

Within the perspective of making high-speed internet accessible to the Congolese people, the development of an internet backbone in the Congo seems to be a necessity that could give an immediate boost. On Tuesday 7 August 2007, the feasibility study for an open internet backbone in the DRC was officially revealed in Kinshasa. APCNews quizzed Alphonse Ntita, a specialist in ICTs and internet infrastructure issues, who is part of the team of researchers behind the study.

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DRC: Developing the net in co-ownership

MONTREAL, CANADA 21 August 2007 (FD for APCNews)

“Feasibility study for an open internet backbone in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, this is what the ripened fruit has been called for close to a year by a team of seasoned researchers. François Ménard is one of those who were hands on in this exhaustive study. He is a project manager with the Canadian firm Xit Télécom. APCNews interviewed him on the subject of deploying a high-speed internet in Congo.

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