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Public access: Supporting digital inclusion for all

By Mike Jensen (May 2014, APC, IFLA and TASCHA )
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APC member wins lifetime achievement award

CANCUN 9 May 2014 (LACNIC)

Ermanno Pietrosemoli from APC member EsLaRed was recognised with the LACNIC 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the development of the internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through more than 20 years of training and research in wireless technologies, Ermanno has changed the landscape of wireless in the region and globally. Image by LACNIC.

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National advocacy plan on digital migration in Mozambique


On December 5, 2013, a national advocacy planning workshop on digital migration in Mozambique took place in Maputo.

Speeding up digital migration in Uganda without leaving citizens behind

NEW YORK 3 March 2014 (AL for APCNews)

What are the main obstacles to digital migration in Uganda? How will this technical process affect citizens and what are their main concerns? APCNews talked to Moses Owiny, from our member WOUGNET, about the challenges and opportunities the country is currently facing.

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TV white spaces: A pragmatic approach

By Mike Jensen and others (December 2013, ICTP )

TV white spaces allow the use of unlicensed spectrum to provide connectivity solutions to traditionally unserved areas, especially rural and remote communities. This book explores this innovative approach to spectrum both the policy, regulatory and technological perspective. APC access specialist Mike Jensen wrote a chapter on “The role of TV white Spaces and dynamic spectrum in helping to improve internet access in Africa and other developing regions”, and other APC members participated in the initiative: Ermanno Pietrosemoli, from EsLaRed, co-edited the book, and Carlos Afonso, from Instituto NUPEF, wrote the chapter “New cognitive radio approaches, white spaces and the digital dividend in the Brazilian context”.

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Digital migration workshop in Uganda


WOUGNET, in partnership with the Uganda Communications Commission and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), conducted a digital migration workshop in Uganda held at Colline Hotel Mukono on the 6th of February 2014.The purpose of the national workshop was to create awareness and share information on digital migration, discuss the d

Côte d'Ivoire starts its transition to digital migration

CAPE TOWN 5 February 2014 (AG for APCNews)

African countries are migrating from traditional to digital broadcasting, and APC is currently coordinating a project aimed at involving civil society in the process. Côte d’Ivoire is one of the focal countries of the initiative, and APCNews interviewed the national coordinator for the project, Nnenna Nwakanma.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and copyright: Open letter to governments

20 November 2013 (Fair Deal Coalition )

APC, as a member of the Fair Deal coalition, joins other civil society organisations in their demand for a development-oriented approach to the copyright provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) agreement, an agreement that is being secretly negotiated by countries representing more than 40% of the world’s GDP.

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Freedom of expression in Sudan: Interview with Dalia Haj-Omar

JOHANNESBURG 14 November 2013 (AG for APCNews)

APCNews talked to Dalia Haj-Omar, a Sudanese human rights activist, about the recent internet blackout in Sudan, the implications for freedom of expression and association, and the role of the international community.

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