Wikileaks has competition

Want the Wikileaks without the Julian Assange?

Well the Wall Street Journal has the answer. It recently introduced SafeHouse, an online drop box for whistleblowers to release documents anonymously.

And they are not alone.

WikiLeaks: Human rights of whistleblowers under attack, says APC

By APC (March 2011, APC )

If we don’t consider the recent actions —particularly by the US government— against people connected to WikiLeaks as human rights violations, then a dangerous precedent is set says APC in a statement.

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WikiLeaks exposés are a “wake-up call for powerful regimes”, says APC director

JOHANNESBURG 9 December 2010 (AE for APCNews)

The WikiLeaks Cablegate affair is making it clear to governments that they cannot so easily control what is secret and what is not, said Anriette Esterhuysen, APC executive director. “We citizens need both carrot and stick approaches in demanding and enforcing accountability and transparency from our governments. WikiLeaks is a useful stick,” said Esterhuysen.

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