Harassmap at AWID 2012

Harassmap at AWID 2012

Take Back the Tech! campaign now a global movement

MONTEVIDEO 22 December 2011 (GenderIT.org for APC)

“A creative and revolutionary movement”, says APC’s women programme coordinator, Jac sm Kee, about the Take Back The Tech! campaign. In this editorial by GenderIT.org, it becomes evident that the campaign is already a global movement.

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Campaign Take Back The Tech! registered more than 100 cases of gender violence through ICT

MONTEVIDEO 22 December 2011 (GenderIT.org for APC)

The Take Back The Tech! campaign, run by APC WNSP, launched an interactive mapping platform which collected more than one hundred stories about gender violence online or through mobile phones. In this article by GenderIT.org, Sonia Randhawa outlines some of the tendencies that stand out when analizing the collected information.

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Most influential Twitterati in Pakistan include 5 working to end violence against women

MONTEVIDEO 22 July 2011 (APC for APCNews)

The Express Tribune has named 5 Take Back the Tech! campaigners as among the most influential “Twitterati” in Pakistan. Thanks to the MDG3 funding, these women are using ICTs to raise the visibility of violence against women on and offline.

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VAW in Pakistan: finding solutions

ISLAMABAD 19 July 2011 (JA for TBTT)

Raahnuma.org was one of the winners of the Take Back the Tech! Fund. They provide support and resources for anyone who is suffering abuse, including where they can find medical, psychological and legal help.

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Take Back the Tech! allows abused women to unburden in Pakistan: But what next?

LAHORE 12 July 2011 (APC for GenderIT.org)

Denouncing sexual abuse in Pakistan is a risky move. But after over six years of abuse by her biological father, a young woman who attended an APC Take Back the Tech! workshop in Peshawar could contain herself no more.

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World Press Freedom Day - Take Back the Tech! to defend your right to communicate

MEXICO CITY 29 April 2011 (TBTT)

On May 3 join a global day of action to defend our right to share information and opinions freely online – and be our own media!

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Cambodian villagers take back the tech to end violence against their neighbours

AUSTIN 28 April 2011 (KB for APCNews)

In Cambodia women are traditionally considered subordinate to men and violence a socially acceptable way to resolve domestic conflicts. Now a grassroots group has brought together the locals and police in 25 villages using education, mobile phones and ham radios to break the silence that keeps violence against women a terrible family secret as part of APC’s Take Back the Tech!

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I Can Stalk U - Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing

4 April 2011 (GJ for APCNews)

The aptly named icanstalku.com attempts to expose the dangers inherent in posting information — in this case pictures — online in a rather unconventional way: the site regularly updates its news feed with individuals’ user names and locations, all gleaned from photos posted to Twitter.

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Panel Discussion - Take Back the Tech!: Reclaiming Technology for Women's Rights

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Feb 25 2011




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APC women's programme staff in 2009 Photo: APCAPC women’s programme staff in 2009 Photo: APC

Join the Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Networking Support Programme in a panel discussion – ‘Take Back the Tech!: Reclaiming Technology for Women’s Rights’.

In Lesotho rural women are using cell phones to access prices and form agricultural co-ops.

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