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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication@Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum - IGF , Hong Kong


AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR, Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication will join the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum – IGF (APrIGF) in Hong Kong on June 14-16 2010, which is being graciously, hosted by the Hong Kong.

Head of the Bangladesh Delegation is H.E. Mr.

Third regional Latin American and the Caribbean preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

MONTEVIDEO 25 May 2010 (APC)

APC, the NUPEF Institute, and the Regional Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) are pleased to announce the Third Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which will take place on 3-5 August 2010 in the city of Quito, Ecuador.

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APCNews 121 – Pakistan & Facebook ban, open spectrum research


Joomla – a community of web builders!


Joomla means in Swahili (Urdu) “all together” and to a certain extend they have been living up their name of being a system that is end-user friendly, developer friendly and also takes care of the design of your website and the way a content management system should work.
Designers will choose Joomla because of the amazing capabilities that its engine has in making websites look fantastic.

Networking Networks: Looking back to look ahead

Montreal, Canada

Lots going on with the network of networks for a free and open internet project. First and foremost, apologies for the silence. At first it didn’t seem like there was too much to write about, and then it seemed like there was too much to write about.

Network of networks: April update for Ford

The report reviews the projects goals, objectives and activities and also details short term plans for research and the strategic retreat.

Montreal, Canada
Publication date: 
April 2010

Network of networks: Strategic planning meeting

Date and time: 
Jul 15 2010 - Jul 18 2010




Other- name of organisation: 
Chad Lubelsky

The Network of Networks project aims to strengthen civil society influence in global public policy
spaces that deal with internet policy issues through building a transglobal network of policy
advocates working for an open and just information society. To do so we want to increase the
capacity of organizations to understand, to intervene and to collaborate on internet governance

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How much energy does one web search expend?


Recent documented studies has shown that computing and networking electricity direct and indirect (air conditioning of data centers represent 50% of the total power supply bill) consumption account for a global warming impact comparable to that of civil aviation. Most of this consumption is linked to the use of the Internet and global powerful applications such as search engines.

Comments to ICANN on Discussion Draft: Affirmative Reviews

By Willie Currie (March 2010, APC )
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Recap of day 2 of network of networks advisory group meeting

Montreal, Canada

On Monday February 8th, APC convened Day 2 of its advisory group for its network of networks for a free and open internet project

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