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Straight from the IGF: Three women write about IG issues as they relate to them


For IGF first-timers and veterans, listening to people talk about issues related to internet governance has created a snowball effect of thoughts.

APC IGF Communications strategy

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September 2010
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APC Brief on the Fifth Internet Governance Forum

By APC (September 2010, APC )

The Internet Governance Forum is a platform for policy dialogue on internet governance, that emerged from the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The fifth annual meeting of the IGF will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 14 – 17 September 2010.

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APC at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum

MONTEVIDEO 6 September 2010 (APCNews)

APC staff and members will be in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the fifth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum. We’ll be running two workshops and hosting a pre-event on human rights. Here’s a quick review of our activities. We’ll be providing on-site coverage for those of you following the IGF remotely.

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Internet Governance Forum 2010: Pre-event on human rights

MONTREAL 23 August 2010 (CL for APCNews)

Attempts to get human rights on the internet onto the agenda at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum –the UN conference now in its possibly final edition— which is to take place in September foundered in the face of government resistance. And the IGF agenda for 2010 will focus on development and internet governance. However Vilnius will be the scenario to shape a debate on censorship, freedom of expression and privacy that has been clamouring for attention. APC and partners will hold a discussion on internet governance and human rights immediately before the IGF in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 13.

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Let's talk about the internet: First West African IGF taking place in August

CALGARY 23 August 2010 (LC for APCNews)

After regional IGF processes in the US, UK and Kenya have demonstrated that national discussions can have an impact at the global level on issues such as child pornography and internet security, West Africa will host its first regional IGF from August 23 to 25 in Dakar Senegal, in part thanks to APC. The space for policy dialogue on Internet Governance will allow for issues that are particular to West Africa to be discussed by the different stakeholders.

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APCNouvelles 127 – FGI, femmes et TIC en Afrique de l'Ouest

APCNouvelles 127 – FGI, femmes et TIC en Afrique de l’Ouest
APCNouvelles – 23 août – Année XI Édition 127
Le service d’actualités sur l’internet pour l‘équité et le développement durable
Le Forum sur la gouvernance de l’internet (FG

West African Internet Governance Forum

Date and time: 
Aug 23 2010 - Aug 25 2010


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Internet Governance Forum (IGF)


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Internet Society (ISOC) Senegal

Theme: Promoting the Multi-stakeholder Model for further Internet Development in Africa

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Novotel Dakar

Regional Internet Governance Forum in Ecuador: Registration and financial assistance

QUITO 11 June 2010 (APC)

Registration for the third Latin American and the Caribbean Internet Governance Forum is now open. The event will take place from 3-5 August in Quito, Ecuador. There will be financial assistance for representatives of organisations active in internet issues from LAC.

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Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum- IGF in Hong Kong


AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR, Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication will join the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum – IGF (APrIGF) in Hong Kong on June 14-16 2010, which is being graciously, hosted by the Hong Kong.

Head of the Bangladesh Delegation is H.E. Mr.

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