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Let's get spectrum right: It's time to start making use of TV white spaces

NAIROBI 3 October 2011 (APC for APC)

The use and management of spectrum was raised repeatedly during the IGF with many seeing digital migration and TV white spaces as an exciting opportunity for bridging the access gap. A number of recommendations came out of an APC workshop on spectrum for development as APC schedules a white spaces workshop in Joburg this week.

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APC's closing statement to the Sixth Internet Governance Forum

By APC (September 2011, APC )

In its statement at the close of the sixth IGF, APC criticises the lack of non-governmental participation in development of the IG proposals which dominated discussions and calls for human rights be the main theme of the IGF in 2012.

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BREAKING NEWS APC says: It's time for human rights to be the centre of the internet governance debate

29 September 2011
NAIROBI 29 September 2011 (APC) -

NAIROBI, KENYA (APC), Thursday September 29 — APC welcomes the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council – supported by over fifty countries – to establish an expert panel on human rights and the internet. This is a critical step in recognising the importance of respecting human rights online.

Can we have internet governance without internet rights?

27 September 2011
NAIROBI 27 September 2011 (APC) -

Tuesday September 26 – Many important technical decisions about internet architecture are being made right now — decisions that will have consequences for decades. At present, policy choices are being made largely without the input of civil society and without sufficient consideration of the public good.

Civil society involvement in ICANN: Strengthening future civil society influence in ICANN policymaking

By Robin Gross (September 2011, APC )

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was established in 1998 by the USA to run the root-servers that control the internet among other things. This new paper investigates ICANN’s processes, the role of civil society within decision-making, and highlights lessons learned from this multi-stakeholderism experiment as well as recommendations for future similar initiatives.

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Multi-stakeholder participation on internet governance: An analysis from a developing country, civil society perspective

By Marília Maciel and Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza (September 2011, APC )

A new analysis of multi-stakeholder participation in internet governance processes, including international experiences like the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) as well as the national level process in Brazil.

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Internet Rights are Human Rights: Development, Empowerment and Access to the Internet

Date and time: 
Sep 26 2011


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Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
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Internet rights are human rights


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Opening and welcome (10h00-10h15)
Remarks from hosts and partners

Session I – Access, human rights and development (10h15-11h15)
Panel: Bidi Bala, Nigeria; Pranom Samwong, Vietnam; Graciela Selaimen, Brazil; Grace Githaiga, Kenya; Romulo Neves, Brazil on:

How can access to infrastructure and knowledge in the context of developing countries: foster transformation of education,

Other information
United Nations Office Nairobi

Issue papers for Southern African IGF good preparation for Nairobi

JOHANNESBURG 1 September 2011 (Alex Comninos for APC/ SANGONeT)

New issue papers on cloud computing, mobile phones, privacy and security, critical internet resources, and access and diversity are a good introduction to some of the issues upcoming at the Sixth Internet Governance Forum.

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APC Pre-IGF event

Date and time: 
Sep 26 2011

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