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Must read: The internet, human rights and the UPR

GENEVA 22 May 2012 (Joy Liddicoat for APC)

This must-read Q&A is a great resource on how the internet and human rights are related. This short catch-all article summarises the “why” behind APC’s efforts to have the internet recognised as a very powerful enabler of human rights. It’s the one article you should read to dig into what’s happening at the UN in Geneva this week.

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Enhancing cooperation among stakeholders in internet governance

GENEVA 17 May 2012 (APC for APCNews)

APC calls for the establishment of an Internet Governance Forum working group to develop a multi-stakeholder declaration on enhanced cooperation.

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Connect Your Rights! - The video

MONTREAL 16 May 2012 (APC)

“Connect Your Rights!” is the take-home message from this short video. Developed for the APC-campaign Connect Your Rights! Internet Rights are Human Rights, the video provides you with a quick and clear understanding of why human rights on the internet matter. Watch now.

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2012 Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group members announced

MONTREAL 27 April 2012 (Mallory Knodel for APCNews)

Announced this week, APC’s executive director Anriette Esterhuysen and Lillian Nalwoga from APC member organisation Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) were appointed to the 2012 Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF MAG).

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Hungarians fight back


Green Spider FoundationGreen Spider Foundation

Boom! Everything goes black. Hungary goes black.

Do you remember ‘Blackout 4 Hungary’? A little more than a year ago, Hungarian net activists initiated a “movement calling on all Hungarians to turn their websites black starting with 5 January 2011,” as a protest against internet censorship.

Call for proposals to host the fifth regional IGF in Latin America and the Caribbean

QUITO 2 April 2012 (APC for APC)

Together with its partners, APC is pleased to announce the fifth regional preparatory meeting in LAC for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), to be held in late 2012. As with the four previous IGF events, the purpose of the meeting is to provide a space for multi-stakeholder political dialogue.

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Iran's new "clean" national internet will push many to exile, says Iranian activist

CALGARY 8 March 2012 (LC for APCNews)

Surprising as it may be, the internet in Iran started out as comparatively open in the region. However, censorship and internet clampdowns noticeably increased when conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005. The internet had until then given activists, journalists and political dissidents a way to get around Iran’s restrictive media laws and communicate with the outside world.

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APC proposes human rights as the main theme of the 2012 IGF

14 February 2012 (APCNews)

Check out APC’s one-page brief on why human rights should be the main theme in 2012.

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APC reviews the 2011 IGF

MONTEVIDEO 13 December 2011 (APC for APCNews)

“There were very strong human rights themes across the main sessions, particularly around freedom of expression and freedom of association. However it is time for human rights to be the principal theme of the Seventh IGF,” says APC as the world’s oldest progressive network reflects on the progress of the UN conference on how the internet is run.

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APC Reflections on the Sixth Internet Governance Forum Nairobi, Kenya September 27-30 2011 and Recommendations for IGF 2012

By APC (December 2011, )

Prior to the IGF, APC released a briefing paper outlining our priorities for the IGF2. In this report, we reflect on those priorities and on the Sixth Forum in general. We also renew our proposal to have human rights be the central theme for the next IGF.

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