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ALIN adopts ICTs to digitise farmers’ records in Kenya


The Sokopepe website services small-scale farmers in Kenya. Screenshot.The Sokopepe website services small-scale farmers in Kenya. Screenshot.Kenya-based Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) has spun off a social enterprise company known as Sokopepe Limited [www.sokopepe.co.ke].

Sustaining wireless networks in a war situation in Nigeria


[img_assist|nid=19577|title=|desc= Fantsuam se debate con el problema de la falta de energía eléctrica porque sus baterías solares están ya prontas para el recambio.

ICTs, public access and the African Internet Governance Forum

MONTREAL 1 August 2014 (ET for APCNews)

APC’s Emilar Gandhi recently returned from the African Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Abuja, Nigeria, where she co-organised a workshop on public access to information and communications technologies (ICTs). Emilar spoke to APCNews about what public access would look like in Africa.

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Human rights online and ICT4D – Two sides of the same coin


On 10 December, 2013, the Association for Progressive Communications and the Web We Want campaign hosted a workshop at the sixth annual Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Development conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Until recently, advocates for freedom on the internet have tended to operate in relative isolation from

APC at ICT and Development Conference 2013

CAPE TOWN 5 December 2013 (AG for APCNews)

The sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development will take place from 7-10 December in Cape Town, South Africa. APC members, members and partners will be attending. Find out more about our activities.

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Digital Empowerment Foundation honoured at ITU Forum for "Wireless for Communities" project

20 November 2013 (APCNews)

On 19 November, 2013, the Digital Empowerment Foundation was honoured for the Wireless for Communities project at the 2013 ITU Telcom World Forum.

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Call for Nomination for DEF's eNGO Challenge

JOHANNESBURG 18 September 2013 (APCNews)

The Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and the Public Interest Registry call for nominations for the 2013 eNGO Challenge. The Challenge seeks to recognise, salute and honour best NGO practices using ICTs worldwide. The deadline has been extended to 25 September 2013.

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Google Big Tent Johannesburg


“The internet is the industrial revolution of our generation,” said Justin Stanford, Co-founder and CEO, 4Di Group at Big Tent Johannesburg on September 5 2013.

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