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Web.net makes major contribution to Drupal

BERLIN, GERMANY 29 January 2007 (FD for APCNews)

With the WebFM module, APC-member in Toronto has made a major contribution at the end of 2006 to the open source content management system Drupal. With simple-to-use drag and drop and folder creation and deletion functions, WebFM is increasingly becoming popular as Web Network’s executive director, Oliver Zielke, himself states in the following interview excerpts.

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Promoting women ability to use ICT

Syria- Salamieh Community Telecentre

Promoting women ability to use ICT

It’s my pleasure to share you a vital topic which , I do believe may open a vast area of discussion and exchange of ideas.

I intend to put forward the above mentioned topic" Promoting women ability to use ICT" For the following reasons. There is an increasing interest in women promotion all over the world especially in MENA region. Another, It’s one of the main targets in Salamieh Community Telecentre bridge the gap between women and man and digital divide. And I would like to discussion about subject for describe ways in which women have been able to use ICT and support individual women, by use the computer applications and access Internet for self-expression and for building connections in development society.

The internet in Latin America... from the eyes of its protagonists

GOA, India

Check this blog by Jose Sorian titled “la historia de Internet en ALC por sus protagonistas” at http://interred.wordpress.com/. Thanks to Adolfo Dunayevich of APC for putting out the link. Some other links on that blog’s blog-roll: Convergencias de gente en la red; LANIC – Historia de Internet en ALC; and recuerdos de la red.

Film-making farmers

Leiden, Netherlands

The latest edition of ICT Update magazine has just been published.

Basic Literacy Skills are a requirement in bridging the digital divide

Johannesburg, South Africa

In order to bridge the digital divide in Africa, one area that needs attention is imparting of basic literacy skills amongst the majority of the adult population, many of whom cannot read or write.

Giving voice to the Voiceless!!

Amman, Jordan

Greetings! Lauren writing from the AMARC 9 World Assembly in Amman,Jordan. It has been a privilege to be present here among the global and regional AMARC family and the many local community radio activists and journalists. I wish to share very good news from the Community Radio sector of India….

Wireless training at AMARC 9

Amman, Jordan

A conference of the Association of Community Radio Producers AMARC is currently taking place in Amman. A small APC team is there and, besides other types of involvement, we are organizing a workshop on wireless networking, with the focuse on wireless networks usage by community radios.

Mixed assessment of C4D congress

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland

At the end of October 2006 the first ‘World congress on communication for development’ took place in Rome. Its aim was to discuss the value of ‘communication for development’ and to give this issue more priority in development cooperation. Although it is always helpful to network and to see many interesting people, my assessment of the congress is still rather mixed. Let me share one or two major critical points with you.

Open source Campaign in Schools of Nepal


In the present context of Nepal, excluding the government offices and huge financial institutions, more than 90% of the PC’s run pirated version of Microsoft Windows. Despite the persuasion and the creation of awareness, as long as the piracy continues it will always be difficult for the users to switch to Open Source alternatives such as Linux. The major reasons behind it are the cost and the vendor lock.

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