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Disabled but Not disqualified


ICT4D in SNE – Disabled but Not disqualified

Story is about physical disability student

The girl who loves the moon.

(Noura Arslan )

Noura is one of our physical disability students

Noura is much like the early spring buds.

Lessig, Rishab, Castells et al


Al Alegre of FMA (Philippines) lent me these books, which made for an interesting and exciting browse. After sharing a link to these, another friend, Michel Bauwens of the P2PFoundation.net went on to point me to this very rich and impressive collection of books on peer production, Free and Open Source Software production and philosophy, P2P management and leadership, political and social change, P2P culture, and more.

AllAfrica.com ... on ICT4D

GOA, India

AllAfrica.com has this story titled Nigeria: ICT as a Development Tool which looks at examples from Nigeria, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. It says: “Other examples are India, where the biggest obsession right now is the mobile phone; Mozambique, where ICT is being used to tackle the malaria scourge; Uganda, where [GNU]Linux-based solar power Wifi VOIP stations are being used to bring ICTs to the locals and Rwanda, where the technology is being deployed to curtail the spread of HIV and speed up the supply of medicine to people infected with HIV/AIDS.” It also talks in detail about the work of Fantsuam Foundation in the “small and remote village in Kafanchan, Kaduna State” of Nigheria, and the digital growth of that village (“deployment of the internet, computers, community radio, and even solar power for cooking”). Check the full-text of the article.

Success stories for blind


Amazing success : Miracles happen when we never expect them.

Bassem Yazagi a handsome young man of about 25 years ,a kind and out going type of people . unfortunately, he has been suffering form severe visually impaired case; that was reflected on his spirits and manners

e-Governance in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Blog for creating awareness in community, government bureaucracy and all concerned about ICT, e-Governance, citizen services, poverty alleviation through ICT and contribute empowering society into knowledge based society

Public Journalism Via Mobile Telephony

Colombo Sri Lanka

Jasmine News in Sri Lanka is exploring the potential for mobile telephones to improve the way journalism is practiced and how the public can become actively involved in the news process.

ICT Update Magazine Issue 35 - Coping with climate change


Leigh Phillips here, editor with ICT Update Magazine, (http://ictupdate.cta.

Communication, a cornerstone of development policy

GOA, INDIA 6 March 2007 (FN for APCNews)

A study commissioned by UK’s international development agency lists the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) in the top ten organisations survey respondents identified as networks they find are valuable resources of information relevant to their internetional development work.

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Going autonomous with wireless networks

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC 5 March 2007 (Karel Novotny)

“TRICALCAR” is a Spanish abbreviation that stands for Weaving Wireless Community Networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. But much more than an abbreviation, it is in fact a project. It brings together ten partner organisations that are all dedicated to training Latin American computer network administrators in building and administering community wireless networks.

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Promote the use of ICT in SNE

Syria- Salamieh Community Telecentre

Promote the use of ICT in SNE

The use (ICT) in special needs education (SNE) is very high on the political agendas of countries.

They we need to be taken to move into the information society and the central role played by education in making the information society a reality is clearly highlighted.

Until now information on the use of ICT in the field of special needs education (SNE) has been limited to national and region level and very little information has been available at the world level.

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