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Nigerian education selects Classmate PC with Mandriva Linux


Mandriva recently made an announcement that they would be supplying the Nigerian government with 17,000 Classmate PC’s running Mandriva Linux. Now they have published an An open letter to Steve Ballmer of Microsoft after hearing that the customer will be replacing the original software with Windows.

Third Latin American and the Caribbean Communication Congress - COMLAC

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Oct 15 2007 - Oct 19 2007




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Organised by the Catholic Communications Organiation from Latin American and the Caribbean, the 2007 edition of the Communications Congress focused on media and citizenship, citizen communication stra

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Rural Knowledge Center (RKC) provide Data Operators to the Voter Registration and National ID Card on going program and facilita

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) participates actively in Voter Registration for preparing a fresh voter list with photographs and National Identity Card (NID) program through the Rural Knowledge Centre(RKC) taken by the Bangladesh Election Commission in the countrywide.

Computer Aid International wins Nominet’s access award

LONDON, ENGLAND 16 October 2007

Access remains one of the greatest challenges facing the internet community in the developing world. The Nominet judges believe that the work of Computer Aid epitomizes what their access category represents. Computer Aid has enabled thousands of people in developing countries, who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity, to access to the internet. Computer Aid’s partners are also able to provide training, capacity building and routine maintenance, to ensure that the use of equipment is maximized.

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Participatory web for development: Circling the point in a spiral formation

ROME, ITALY 11 October 2007 (Brenda Zulu)

Anriette Esterhuysen, executive director of APC, delivered a keynote address at the opening of the conference on Web2fordev at the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Rome, Italy in late September. Her ideas around participatory web for development were reported on in the Web2fordev blog.

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Forum Europe-China: IT systems on the age of the Internet

Liège, Belgium

Citizens in China and Europe from the academia, NGO, companies, government met in Liège (Belgium) to exchange perspectives and discuss on the topic of Information Society and the Internet in China and Europe. The workshop on “IT systems on the age of the Internet” (4-5 October) was the first step of the China-Europe Forum (6-7 October).

Open up the Community Radio as Pilot basis: Ministry of Information formed a high level committee

BNNRC, Dhaka

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has been continuing advocacy with the Government for a long time to open up the Community Radio in Bangladesh.

Soweto Uprisings wins a new media award


Ismail Farouk scooped the winning prize in the “individual” category of the Highway Africa New Media Award 2007, for his website Soweto Uprisingswww.sowetouprisings.com, which he describes as a “Google maps mash up”.

ICTs, Training help children to access information world

Salamieh Community Telecentre - Syria

ICTs, Training help children to access information world

"Information at your finger tips"

ICTs, under the motto "Information at your finger tips", is a promising programme that would work as bridge for children in (SCT) Salamieh Community Telecentre, to communicate with other children in the world.

It helps enriching them with necessary knowledge station and sense of creativity . It is by far, a way to materialize their dreams and enables them pass the threshold of global horizons.

Salamieh Community Telecentre, through its Communication and Information Sector, is therefore actively assisting children and young people to produce information themselves by supporting children media, and facilitating them create information.

Training was conducted at the Strategic ICT programme for socio-economic development , ReefNet-Syria by Salamieh Community Telecentre – Syria – as part of education programme for children which was developed with the collaboration with the UNDP and the Ministry of Communication and Technology in Syria.

The two-month training period in computer, English and French language was dedicated to help children to access information world. The children were enthusiastic to investigate world of information .

Overcoming disability via ICTs

Dhaka, Bangladesh

We should not forget our great scientist Stephen Hawking is a disable person, but he overcame all the disabilities by ICT as well as his strong determination to live long for science. Many people do not know an Indian software designer developed his software, which is providing him a big help. Persons with disability can overcome their every sort of limitation via ICTs. The traditional assumption info-tech is only for some educated and physically capable people became wrong. Many researches and experiments have proved that by the blessing of IT we can empower disable persons. It does not a matter whether they are blind or suffering for other physical impairments.

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