MDG3: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women

APC's project on VAW and ICTs.

A different type of internet traffic - violence against women and the internet in Mexico


Tere said the first case was five years ago. A nine-year-old girl who via chat made friends with another girl, both of them crazy for Cowco stickers. One day they planned to meet after school to exchange stampitas. But her new cyber friend didn´t show up, rather she was met by the big brother. Doused with chloroform and kidnapped.

ACTA - anyone making a fuss in your country?


So, is anybody up in a huff about ACTA in your country? Nice that at least netcitizen protest (amongst other activism) encouraged it going public.

Pakistan strategises around violence against women and tech

Karachi Pakistan

The morning of 19th February was one that we had been working toward for some time. There was anticipation and yet there was fear – anticipation because it was an important initiative that we were all excited to be a part of; fear that perhaps we had taken on more than we could handle, that the relevant people would not show up, etc. etc.

But we needn’t have worried.

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