Gender & ICTs

Gender and ICT Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Re-thinking ICT development through Gender

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 17 January 2007 (Lamija Kosovic)

Lamija Kosovic examines the country’s current ICTs situation in light of post-war reconstruction efforts, particularly to the need to integrate gender concerns by both the women’s national machinery and civil society organisations.

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From the Olympus to the internet, a new network of journalists with a gender perspective

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 12 December 2006 (AL for APCNews)

Artemisa is a Greek goddess that inspired two argentine communicators, Sanda Chaher and Sonia Santero, to promote the gender perspective in social communication. This “archetype" of the independent woman went from the Olympus to the internet through the Artemisa News portal. On November 16 and 17, Artemisa Communication organised the first national forum for journalists with a gender perspective in Argentina, during which the PAR network was formed. APCNews spoke to Sandra about this meeting where solidarity and empathy set the beat via e-mail.

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Film-making farmers

Leiden, Netherlands

The latest edition of Source: APC">ICT

Update magazine has just been published.


South Africa

Jennifer Radloff (APC) and Janine Moolman (WomensNet) traveled to Jordanian Amman to attend the ninth conference of The Association of Community Radio Practitioners AMARC. Their main mission was to organize a workshop on the Gender Evaluation Methodology (APC Annual Report 2006 ">GEM

) and to show to radio people that GEM should be of concern also for their work.

CAMPAIGN: Take back the tech!

GLOBAL 23 November 2006 (WNSP)

How many hours a day do you spend using some kind of ICT tool? Have you ever wondered how it connects with violence against women? Can things like mobile phones, webcams, blogs and videogames transform power relations between women and men? From 25 November to 10 December, APC Women’s Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP) invites you to take back the tech! For 16 days, this campaign engages you to think about how your use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can work to eliminate, or perpetuate violence against women (VAW).

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Amplifying women's voices - we need to turn up the sound

Amman, Jordan

Mavic Cabrera-Balleza from IWTC opened the second day of the AMARC conference which focuses on amplifying women's voices for gender equality...with the good news coming first.

A (quiet) word on gender

ATHENS, Greece

Natasha Primo – executive director of South Africa-based WomensNet – was the only person to talk about gender issues at the plenary session this morning. She said she hoped the Forum would spell out
plans that had a significant impact on women. Read it all on the i-witnesses blog. This blog post and several others on this Panos-sponsored website is definitely worth checking out.

Internet Governance Forum - What is it All About?

ATHENS, Greece

Internet Governance is a difficult concept to grapple with for many of us. Even those who have been keeping track of discussions on gender and the new information and communication technologies (ICTs). Naturally, people who know or who have heard about the Internet Governance Forum, are asking what this meeting is all about. Read the full article here:

Setting the scene at IGF without gender perspective?

IGF Athens

The first Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on how the internet is run. It was set up at the end of 2005 by the United Nations Secretary-General following a resolution made by governments at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

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Source: APC">IGF session entitled Multistakehoder Policy Dialogue / Setting the Scene, was facilitated by Kenneth Cukier and spectacularly ignored the question on">gender and ICTs


Some african women journalists still hand-writing


Bimbola Ayesola is a woman journalist working at The Sun Publishing Ltd, a

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