Gender & ICTs

Gender Evaluation Methodology for Internet and ICTs: A learning tool for change and empowerment

By Chat Garcia Ramilo and Cheekay Cinco (March 2006, SIPAT Publications Inc. )

GEM is an online tool created by the APC WNSP to integrating a gender analysis into evaluations of initiatives that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social change.

It provides an evaluation framework and tools to learn how ICT for development programmes and projects are improving women’s lives and changing gender roles and relations in the family, communities and larger society.

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SNAPSHOTS: Who is at the IGF II? Katerina Fialova


Katerina Fialova is a coordinator with the APC. She's coordinating the gender and APC">ICT policy

portal called This means that she is working on regulation and policy there where gender and technology intersect. What that really means? It is like looking at how cellphones for instance, can best be used to inform women in rural areas. 

The internet is for porn? kaBLOG on harmful content - 1 November 2007


Are you troubled by pornographic materials on the Source: TechSoup Glossary and">internet

? Do you consider it damaging? Or is it a valid expression of fantasy or of diverse forms of sexualities? Have you been harmed by sexually explicit and/or violent content through information and communications technologies? How have you dealt with this in your own use of the internet, mobile phone etc.?

Share your thoughts! Source: APC WNSP website">APC WNSP

invites you to Take Back The Tech, and let your experiences and thoughts count. Write a post about harmful content on 1 November 2007.

Information in Khmer about women's issues becomes available on the internet

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA 24 October 2007 (KONG Sidaroth)

The Open Institute – a Cambodian NGO – launched a Khmer language web portal on October 24 2007. It will give non-profits, the government, and other organisations working on women’s issues in Cambodia easy access to legislation and latest developments related to women’s issues.

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Omolayo Samuel: Climbing above the stereotypes

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE 22 October 2007 (Katherine Walraven for APCNews)

The 2007 Global Information Society Watch report identifies Nigeria as the fastest growing ICT market in Africa. Despite this, women remain severely under-represented among the country’s ICT professionals. And yet, one young woman in APC-member Fantsuam’s ICT department became a role model when she became the first woman to climb a communications tower in northern Nigeria.

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Presenting evaluation results with creativity

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic

Training people to use APC Annual Report 2006 ">GEM

(Gender Evaluation Methodology) is always a challenge. There are lots of expectations about the results of this training. For the trainer, the usual finding is that evaluators very seldom take a gender perspective into account when planning a project or considering its results, unless they work in a gender unit or in a project that is already committed to women´s issues or related to equity goals. So after lots of discussions in plenary sessions, learning about gender issues and gender policies, and active group work, participants do want to show, through concrete examples, what they have learned about this tool. And this is where creativity plays a crucial role.

Breaking with tradition, African women dare to denounce violence through digital storytelling

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA 9 October 2007 (Sylvie Niombo)

Violence against women was the theme of a recent digital storytelling workshop organised by APC’s programme in Africa and APC’s South African member Women’sNet, held in Durban, South Africa from 25 to 29 August 2007. Seventeen women from throughout Africa gathered for one week to develop the skills to use technology for the creation of digital stories as a means of combating domestic, sexual and other forms of violence faced by African women.

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Women in the African newsroom


Kristin Palitza of Agenda Magazine was the chair of a discussion panel on gender and the media today, September 11 2007, in Grahamstown, South Africa. Unlike most of the other panels at Highway Africa, this one lined up three women and no man. Certainly a colourful and rather critical one in an event where only 15 out of 55 speakers are women.

ICTs, Training help children to access information world

Salamieh Community Telecentre - Syria

ICTs, Training help children to access information world

"Information at your finger tips"

ICTs, under the motto "Information at your finger tips", is a promising programme that would work as bridge for children in (SCT) Salamieh Community Telecentre, to communicate with other children in the world.

It helps enriching them with necessary knowledge station and sense of creativity . It is by far, a way to materialize their dreams and enables them pass the threshold of global horizons.

Salamieh Community Telecentre, through its Communication and Information Sector, is therefore actively assisting children and young people to produce information themselves by supporting children media, and facilitating them create information.

Training was conducted at the Strategic ICT programme for socio-economic Online conferencing tools for development practitioners: Finding your path to the right conferencing solution

">development , ReefNet-Syria by Salamieh Community Telecentre – Syria – as part of education programme for children which was developed with the collaboration with the UNDP and the Ministry of Communication and Technology in Syria.

The two-month training period in computer, English and French language was dedicated to help children to access information world. The children were enthusiastic to investigate world of information .

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