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Evaluation: do you recommend it? Model it? Breathe it?

Erika Smith, from APC’s women’s programme, blogged live from the Gender Evaluation Methodology (APC Annual Report 2006 ">GEM

) global trainers exchange, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 23-27 July 2007.

Oh come on, we all know technology is gender neutral

KL, Malaysia

Erika Smith, from APC’s women’s programme, blogged live from the Gender Evaluation Methodology (APC Annual Report 2006 ">GEM

) global trainers exchange, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 23-27 July 2007.

Mental gym at the GEM exchange


GEM speaks to people, said Sarah Earl, an evaluation specialist attending a workshop to improve what’s been coined as the Gender Evaluation Methodology. More than an evaluation theory, GEM "is a development theory," commented Earl who, along with over 40 ICT practitioners from around the world, took part in a training exchange in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the end of July 2007. Read the full account on APC WNSP.

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GLOBAL GEM WORKSHOP: ICT and development: The eyes we see the world through

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 16 August 2007 (AL for APCNews)

Through evaluations we can measure to what extent our work is contributing our bit, our grain of sand, in the struggle for a better world. The APC women’s programme took this premise to heart when it developed the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM). At the end of July women and men from around the world gathered in Kuala Lumpur to share their experiences with the use of GEM in particular and evaluations in general. One of the lessons learned was…

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ICTs for Rural Women Empowerment


ICTs for Rural Women Empowerment

Hand in hand with success makers

Salamieh Community Telecentre main target is to spread computer literacy among young women and to bridge the gap between the economy and the information sector. Also the Telecentre is implementing maximal use of computer technologies to promote and build young women capacities and enable them find job opportunities in a challenging women – power market .

These ICTs letters shed light on part of our efforts in this domain and focus on the critical importance of ICTs Programme .

We hope our young women might be inspired to take the first step to make success and bright future. The following stories are authentic .They were sent from our students who could get job opportunities and become more competent and qualified .


GenARDIS engenders adoption of ICTs, finds freshly baked report


LAC-DROLET, Canada, -- “This prize will be of great help to us in building our capacity to promote the rights of women farmers through the demystification of new ICTs, and through gender The American Heritage Dictionaries on ">advocacy


Full frontal feminism on TV

Granada, Spain

Jessica Valentia and Full Frontal Feminism.

APC POOL OF WRITERS: Two job announcements, one pool

BERLIN, GERMANY 4 May 2007 (APCNews)

APCNews and are building a pool of writers to contribute on a freelance basis. We are interested in working with writers from all continents. APC is a virtual network and in general most of our research and interviews are done online. Read the details and send your application before May 15, 2007.

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The GRACE research to hold new workshop, launch new website

BERLIN, GERMANY 2 April 2007 (FD for APCNews)

The Gender Research in Africa into ICTs for Empowerment (GRACE) is a research project that APCNews has been covering in the past. APC’s women programme in Africa (AAW) also engaged with the project over the last months. But where is it at? Capacity building workshops were held in July 2005 and June 2006, with a third workshop planned for July 2007. Here is a short update on GRACE.

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Blogs for African Women get Nigerian women hooked on technology

MEXICO, MEXICO 29 March 2007 (ES for APCNews)

In releasing the list of successful applicants in one of its small grants initiatives, APC’s women programme in Africa injected some real-life into the Swahili word "harambee" in March 2007. Blogs for African Women (BAWo) has taken hold of the Nigerian blogging spirit to strengthen women’s activism and by the same token, got awarded one of six Harambee small grants. Read about Networking for Success, BAWo’s second initiative getting Nigerian women into the blogosphere.

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