Gender & ICTs

Breaking stereotypes about women, girls and technology in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE 14 August 2008 (Lenka Simerska for APC WNSP)

Taking control of technology for women’s advocacy took a different tack in the Czech Republic, where APC WNSP Europe introduced the project “Women into IT” to challenge stereotypes around women and ICTs and attract more women into the IT field.

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Putting ICTs to work for Egyptian women artisans

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

Handicrafts are an income-generating activity for many women in Egypt, but as producers these women often receive the lowest profit in the trading chain.

Violence against women documentation and reporting system from the Philippines

MONTEVIDEO 30 July 2008 (AL for APC)

Case documentation systemCase documentation system The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women employed the technical know-how of “WomensH

Costa Rican cooperative joins APC

MONTEVIDEO 14 July 2008 (AL for APCNews)

APC’s new member Sulá Batsu is a cooperative operating in Costa Rica since 2005. It sees itself as a collective workspace for social change. It’s experience spans over the sharing of knowledge, social economy and information and communication technologies. APCNews interviewed Margarita Salas of Sulá Batsú in order to grasp the challenges associated with the cooperative model, the opportunities and challenges that the internet represents in the Costa Rican context, the link between gender and technology and her perspective on what is referred to as social economy.

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Take Back the Tech! wins honorary mention from Prix Ars Electronica 2008

MEXICO CITY 2 July 2008 (Erika Smith for APC WNSP)

The Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Programme is proud to announce that Take Back the Tech was awarded an honorary mention by the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica International Competition for Cyber Arts for its innovative, collaborative campaign to end violence against women.

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Gender Networking and Advocacy on the Information Society

Bahay ni Isis (BnI), International Women's House 3 Marunong Street, Barangay Central, Quezon City Philippines
Date and time: 
Jul 8 2008 - 9:00am - Jul 9 2008 - 12:00pm

On July 8th, the learning event will focus on sharing of findings and recommendations of an APC evaluation of gender networking and advocacy during the World Summit on the Information Society.

Interamerican Women´s Forum Against Corruption

Date and time: 
Sep 29 2008 (All day) - Oct 1 2008 (All day)

Journalist Women´s Congress

Date and time: 
Sep 25 2008 (All day) - Sep 26 2008 (All day)

Dafne Plou, APC WNSP LAC regional coordinator, is a panelist in this congress.

4th Ibero-American Congress of Genre's Studies Virtual Stage

Date and time: 
Jul 1 2008 (All day) - Jul 20 2008 (All day)

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