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As part of APC WNSP´s MDG3 project “Take Back the Tech!

The Feminist Tech eXchange - more than just a meet up


A woman at the FTX training learns to use a digital cameraA woman at the FTX training learns to use a digital cameraIn 2008, APC member Women’sNet partnered with the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) and the APC women’s programme (APC WNSP) to bring the first Feminist Tech Exchange to South Africa.

Feminist Tech Exchange in Uruguay

Date and time: 
Oct 12 2010 - Oct 15 2010


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Feminist Tech Exchange



This activity is co-organised with Cotidiano Mujer and Young Feminists’Network in the South Cone

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Posada al Sur, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo

The first Feminist Tech Exchange in Pakistan a pleasant surprise


“I think that although I have always been an optimist, in many ways I am a cynic as well :) .

Digital storytelling to fight violence against women - Pakistan


From June 7 – 11, South Asian APC member Bytes for All will unite fellow APC members and women activists alike for a joint event, funded by the APC’s Member Exchange Fund. Representatives from several APC organisations will meet in Islamabad to attend a workshop on digital storytelling and learn how to Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women.

FTX Congo

Date and time: 
Mar 31 2010 - Apr 3 2010


Democratic Republic of Congo

Uganda: Is technology a blessing or a curse?

UGANDA, 21 MAY 2010

This was just the question that was addressed at a recent seminar at the University of Makerere in Uganda conducted as part of the country’s participation in APC’s Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women initiative which is taking place in twelve countries on of which is Uganda.

A different type of internet traffic - violence against women and the internet in Mexico


Tere said the first case was five years ago. A nine-year-old girl who via chat made friends with another girl, both of them crazy for Cowco stickers. One day they planned to meet after school to exchange stampitas. But her new cyber friend didn´t show up, rather she was met by the big brother. Doused with chloroform and kidnapped.

Feminist Tech Xchange - Mexico

Date and time: 
Jul 26 2010 - Jul 28 2010




Other- name of organisation: 
La Neta

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