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Developing strategy through 2016: An interview with APC's KRA leads

PERGAMINO 12 August 2013 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

The APC network has newly adopted a strategic plan that includes five familiar areas of focus. These strategic priorities will be championed by five leads in the APC staff. APCNews interviewed the KRA leads and asked about the opportunities and challenges that we expect in the coming years.

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APC Action Plan 2009-2012

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Publication date: 
January 2010

This document provides an overview of the strategic planning process and the challenges and social context APC members and other civil society networks are currently grappling with.

APC Strategic Framework for 2009-12 Version 7.2 December 2009

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This document represents APC’s broad strategic framework for 2009-10, based on the priorities identified by APC members in late 2007 at the member meeting in Rio de Janeiro (November 2007). It follows on APC’s previous strategic cycle, 2004-8 which was based on priorities identified by members at the Cartagena member meeting in November 2003.

The framework, strategies and plans included in this document incorporates input on a draft plan presented to APC members in December 2008 during an online council meeting.

Publication date: 
March 2010

APC-wide activities and campaigns for 2009-2012

MONTEVIDEO 11 June 2009 (APC for APC)

Since our inception, APC has been combining grass roots initiatives with local and national impact, with global experiences that amplify these impacts. An example of this is Take Back the Tech! – an international campaign that uses technology to fight against violence against women. We present this and other initiatives that the network hopes to be carrying on the next four years.

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APC Strategic Framework 2009-12 (Short version)

By APC (June 2009, APC )

This is a shortened version of APC's Strategic Action Plan for 2009-2012. It presents APC's strategic priorities, strategies, APC-wide activities and the organisations and groups we hope to engage with during the four-year period. It also includes a brief overview of the strategic planning process, and information about APC.

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