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Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture

Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, India
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Dec 9 2008 - 1:43pm - Dec 11 2008 - 1:43pm

Free Software Free Society, is an International Conference on Free and Open Source software and Free Knowledge Movements being organised by Government of Kerala and Free Software community in Kerala. The conference will explore the possibilities offered by Free and Open Source Software in addressing broader questions such as Governance, Digital Inclusion, Development and Culture.

Free software, free society

MONTEVIDEO 8 December 2008 (LC and KN for APCNews)

In recent years, Kerala India has come forward in the international free and open source software (FOSS) community for its use and promotion of free software. As an emerging FOSS user, Kerala will host the second international conference on freedom in computing, development and culture: Free Software, Free Society. From December 09 – 11, APC staff member Cheekay Cinco will be one of five women speaking at the conference, among a list of 50 prominent speakers. APC is also working with experts on free software Aslam Raffee and Sunil Abraham, who will be speaking at the conference about implementation of pro-FOSS policies in South Africa and on the topic of open information sharing/licensing. Find out more about the programming and how to watch a live video stream of the events as they unfold.

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FACIL contests government practices in the Superior Court


FACIL, a non-profit association, which promotes the collective appropriation of Free Software, contests the Quebec government purchasing methods for software used within public administrations.

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Software: free West Africa?

OUAGADOUGOU 28 February 2008 (Ramata Soré)

The use of free software in West Africa would represent an opportunity to reduce the digital divide with the South. In this region, the low level of free software production goes hand in hand with marginal usage. Free software is present in certain businesses, in education, etc. but there is mistrust, as a result of the fact that free software is developed rapidly and is proliferating. It causes fear because there is a belief that “whatever is free is not of good quality”. IDLELO3, a panafrican conference on free software, will look at these questions and beliefs from March 16 to 20 2008 in Dakar, Senegal.

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Cambodian education system switches to Khmer language free software

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA 19 February 2008 (Javier Sola)

At a ceremony that took place last January, the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport presented a new information and communication technology (ICT) textbook that are to be used in all schools, universities and teacher training facilities in that country. The new textbook teaches the use of Khmer language free and open source applications, such as OpenOffice, Mekhala (Firefox) and Moyura (Thunderbird), which have been fully translated to Khmer language.

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Winners of the APC Chris Nicol FOSS Prize 2007 announced

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 17 October 2007 (APCNews)

The first APC FOSS Prize established in 2006 to honour Chris Nicol, a long time FOSS advocate and activist who for many years, worked with APC, has been jointly awarded to Free Geek (USA) and NepaLinux (Nepal).

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Winners of the APC Chris Nicol FOSS Prize 2007 announced

17 October 2007
MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY 17 October 2007 () -

The first APC Style information: Do not use capital letters for the full version, only for the acronym. Do not use free/libre unless there is an appropriate reason to include this term in English.

Source: Free Software Foundation
“>FOSS Prize established in 2006 to honour Chris Nicol, a long time FOSS advocate and activist who for many years, worked with APC, has been jointly awarded to:
Free Geek (USA) and NepaLinux (Nepal)

In Himalayan Nepal: Where language can propel FOSS

GOA, INDIA 16 October 2007 (Frederick Noronha for APCNews)

NepaLinux, an initiative to create a localised GNU/Linux distribution in the Nepali language, has been chosen as a joint-winner of the first APC Chris Nicol FOSS Prize, by an international jury. APC-member BytesForAll co-founder and journalist Frederick “FN” Noronha interviews NepaLinux’s Bal Krishna Bal, who explains the project’s relevance to FOSS local language computing solutions in Nepal, the challenges their project faced, why he carries on confidently, and his vision of the future.

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