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SPACE Kerala celebrates Free Software Day, bringing free computer training to rural Wayanad

26 September 2013 (APCNews)

APC member in India SPACE Kerala and the Ms Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSFR) are building a free-software-based, community computing centre in the rural village of Kolagappara.

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For us, free software is not just about software

JOHANNESBURG 20 August 2013 (AG for APCNews)

The APC network is enthusiastic about its newest member from India, SPACE Kerala. SPACE’s membership comes at a critical time when APC has renewed its commitment to implementing and promoting the use of Transformative Technologies. To mark this occasion and introduce SPACE, APCNews interviewed Executive Director Arun Madhavan.

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South Sudan: The #OSJUBA event stresses early moves by net activists

Imagine a city torn by war, overwhelmed with daily influx of people from the countryside, becoming the capital of a country from one day to the next. And then picture crazy computer people ruffled together in an abandoned supermarket, thousands of kilometres away, in another city, trying to fix the first city. These two images put together are called #OSJUBA. OS for open source and Juba for the capital of the latest country in the world, South Sudan.

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Juba, the world's first open source city?

JUBA 20 June 2012 (Stephen Kovats for r0g media)

In the age of social networks, citizen media and digital collaboration, #OSJUBA seeks to apply the means and tools of creative open source culture to post-conflict development. #OSJUBA hosts their first event on June 21, 2012 in Berlin to mobilise free culture, accessible technologies and hacktivist communities in creating a vision for the new capital of South Sudan.

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Poland: Acting Together Against ACTA

POZNAŃ 26 April 2012 (FD for APCNews)

Recent human rights battles have shown the world that Poland’s civil society is alive and kicking. APCNews contacted Michał “rysiek” Woźniak, chairman of the Free and Open Source Foundation, to discuss human rights, the internet and ACTA.

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ANLoc FOSS Localisation Manual available in 3 languages - Send your REQUEST NOW

manual cover -En manual cover -Fr manual cover -Ar

ANLoc is proud to announce that our FOSS Localisation Manual: Effecting Change Through Localisation is now available in print edition in three languages: English, Arabic and French.

You can download the latest digital copy from this link, or you can send a request for printed copies for your organisation, by sending an email to Wendy [at]

International Software Freedom Day picks APC member in Cameroon as winner

YAOUNDÉ 22 July 2011 (Avis Momeni for PROTEGE QV)

APC member PROTEGE QV in Cameroon has been participating in local Software Freedom days for years. This year, it is the African winner of the 2010 International Software Freedom Day.

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Open Source Alternatives

The personal finance website recently released an article on open source alternatives to popular software applications.

NASA holds open source summit

NASA, best known as the guys who invented Velcro, will be holding an Open Source Summit on March 29-30, bringing together researchers and experts in the field of open source “to discuss the challenges with the existing open source policy framework, and propose modifications that would make it easier for NASA to develop, release, and use open source software.”

Software Freedom Day 2010 in Cameroon



Organizes by PROTEGE QV, Software Freedom Day 2010 will be celebrated in Cameroon on the 18th September.

The architecture of this event is as follows:

Two conferences, the first on the theme “Challenges of implementing a free Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software / open source ERP company” and the second on the theme “Integration of OSS (Open Source So

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