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20 years later: APC to push for a more sustainable use of ICTs in Rio

CALGARY 13 June 2012 (LC for APCNews)

As international organisations, civil society, governments and the private sector gather in Rio for the UN convention on sustainable development and the People’s summit, APC staff and members, too, will be live tweeting and reporting on the event, holding workshops and speaking on panels.

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Green-my-tech tip sheets

By GreenNet (June 2012, APC )

This practical set of tip sheets compiled by GreenNet offers hands-on computing tips; like where and how to select technology, software and peripherals, storing information, disposal and end of life.

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Rural communication: Is there still a need for telecentres now that there are mobile phones?

MONTEVIDEO 27 October 2008 (LC and Ian Howard for APCNews)

Following the initial rush of Information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) projects in rural Africa, many did not yield the anticipated outcomes, and interest has been dying down. People then began talking about “sustainable ICT” projects, in which it was understood that projects would become self-sufficient after their initial donor-led investment and set-up period. But with the use of mobile phones gaining in popularity, popular rhetoric has begun to question the need of ICTs beyond the mobiles phone. While mobile phones certainly have had a great impact in rural areas, a new study by Ian Howard, commissioned by APC, through the analysis of two case studies he argues that the need for telecentres and affordable internet connections exists, as such centres cater to rural and niche markets the way larger companies cannot.

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Unbounded possibilities: Observations on sustaining rural ICTs in Africa

By Ian Howard (October 2008, APC )
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