Freedom of expression

Take action! Dangerous threats to freedom of expression and information in Macedonia

NEW YORK 29 August 2013 (AL for APCNews)

The government of Macedonia is proposing two media bills that, if approved, will severely impact Macedonians’ freedom of information and freedom of expression. Take action and ask the Minister of Information Society and Administration to reconsider the bills.

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Internet Intermediary Liability in Nigeria: New legislation threatens internet freedom

26 August 2013 (Maureen Nwobodo for APCNews)

Maureen Nwobodo, a Google policy fellow supporting APC’s work on intermediary liabilities from Nigeria, analyses how new legislation is using the private sector to police the flow of information online.

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APC statement on Bradley Manning: Guilty verdict a new low for US human rights

NEW YORK 6 August 2013 (APC for APCNews)

APC stands in solidarity with Bradley Manning, a whistleblower who has been convicted in a military court on Espionage Act violations after leaking intelligence information on the Iraq War, where he worked in information systems as an intelligence analyst.

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Obama, protect whistleblowers and journalists

WASHINGTON DC 5 August 2013 (IFEX)

APC has joined other 150 organisations in their appeal to US President Obama to drop charges against whistleblower Edward Snowden, update the Whistleblower Protection Act and pass a media shield law.

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Ecuador’s communications law: With a view toward a more democratic regulation

NEW YORK 1 August 2013 (AL for Digital Rights)

APC wrote an analysis of the latest communication’s law in Ecuador for the newsletter Digital Rights, focusing on both problems and opportunities that its implementation will imply.

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Democracy on Internet

The Internet has become a space for people to express themselves, to dig up information, even mobilizing the masses.

Facebook's secret censorship deal with the Pakistan government - an open letter

18 July 2013 (Shahzad Ahmad for Bytes For All Pakistan)

Responding to claims made by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), that Facebook is assisting the government to filter and block “undesirable” content, Bytes for All, Pakistan has written an open letter to the Global Network Initiative (GNI), of which Facebook is a member, seeking support to investigate these claims.

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Universal Periodic Review of Macedonia - Joint stakeholder submission

By AG and SF (June 2013, APC )

APC and Metamorphosis Foundation made a joint submission to the United Nations Universal Periodic Review in light of recent changes to laws in Macedonia, particularly with regards to media freedom. These changes effectively threaten fundamental human rights in Macedonia, both online and offline. The submission focuses on freedom of expression, freedom of press, privacy and hate speech.

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Ecuador's new Communications Law: Progress on access and spectrum allocation, but a reverse for freedom of expression

MONTEVIDEO 27 June 2013 (AL for APCNews)

Ecuador has approved a communications law that recognises the right of universal access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and fairly apportions the frequency spectrum; on the other hand, it poses a threat to freedom of expression.

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