Freedom of expression

Feb 22,2007 in Rangoon Burma


Japan New Agency reorter

Freedom of expression under siege in Tunisia

London, United Kingdom

Repression of human rights in Tunisia, especially the and APC Internet Rights Charter">freedom of expression

, remains rampant, says a joint statement signed by several international communication organisations. It is the first time that this coalition of human rights organisations writes to incoming UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and expresses its concerns, a bit more than one year after Tunisia has hosted the World Summit on the Information Society.

Indian media freedom campaigners welcome new community radio policy

GOA, INDIA 12 December 2006 (FN for APCNews)

Eleven years after the Indian Supreme Court directed New Delhi to "open up the airwaves", campaigners who battled long for this to happen gave a sigh of relief when India finally opened up its broadcasts to community radio in mid November 2006.

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Solidarity with the right to expression of all Fiji Islanders

KATHMANDU 11 December 2006 (Suman Basset)

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, section Asia Pacific, condemns the military takeover in the Fiji islands. Particularly, the APC partner organisation expresses its solidarity and support for "femLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women", one of its members in the Fiji islands. Read the entire press release.

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Giving voice to the Voiceless!!

Amman, Jordan

Greetings! Lauren writing from the AMARC 9 World Assembly in Amman,Jordan. It has been a privilege to be present here among the global and regional AMARC family and the many local community radio activists and journalists. I wish to share very good news from the Community Radio sector of India....

Ten radio and television stations suspended in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Amman, Jordan

Delegates to the Amarc9 conference in Amman, Jordan supported the condemnation of the broadcast suspensions in the DRC. Over 150 delegates signed the petition.

Statement from AMARC 9 conference

Amman, Jordan

This statemen was issued at the end of the Middle East and North Africa regional day during the Amarc9 conference held in Amman - 11 November 2006.

Blatant censorship is one thing. But who controls the controllers?

GOA, INDIA 1 November 2006 (APCNews)

Blatant censorship is one thing, and can be fought. But who controls the controllers? What about the more subtle forms of control and blockages, that often can work in the more brutal ways of the unseen hand? APC member-organisation RITS’s Carlos Afonso, made this point articulatedly at the Internet Governance Forum in Athens. Afonso underlined that it was difficult to deal internet-related issues "without considering the situation of regulation, legislation and control of the network itself." He questioned the view that "the technical question is not as relevant as the other issues." What is the responsibility of network operators? Controlling players decide if voice over IP traffic can pass through an exchange point or not.

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Coup d'Etat in Thailand


Television and radio broadcasts were suspended yesterday, and back in full-swing again. Meanwhile, bloggers have quickly responded by setting up community sites to let the news out.

Who gets to speak? 50 million blogs and 6 billion people

DCI workshop, Grahamstown, South Africa

On the first day of the Digital Citizen’s Indaba in Grahamstown, South Africa, Ethan Zukerman asked: “50 million people Style information: This term should not be capitalised.

Source: Wikipedia and">blog

out of a global population of 6 Collins English dictionary ">billion

people – not exactly representative is it?”

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