Freedom of expression

South Korean gov't threatens public media centre MediAct - join the protest

SEOUL 28 January 2010 (MediAct for MediAct)

South Korean communication media training and education centre MediAct is in danger of being shut down by the conservative government in Korea. This democratic centre has played a key role in democratising Korea’s media since the end of the dictatorship and has trained thousands of people on media production as well as developing many policy proposals that have changed Korea’s mediascape. Immediate international support is vital to keeping MediAct open. Please sign the petition or read on to find out more about MediAct and other ways to show your support.

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MDG3 mid-term assessment and planning meeting

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Feb 3 2010 - Feb 5 2010


South Africa


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This meeting is part of the MDG3: Strengthening women’s strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls project run by the APC women’s programme (APC WNSP).

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Chartfield Guesthouse, Kalk Bay

Alternatives under attack from conservative gov't: Pledge your support

MONTEVIDEO 10 December 2009 (KAH for APCNews)

Today hundreds of people will march through Montreal in support of APC member Alternatives – a non-profit organisation which has helped thousands of people living in some of the most difficult situations in the world. Alternatives has come under attack from the right-wing Conservative government in Canada and it is rumoured faces savage funding cuts which could threaten its existence. Join the Facebook campaign to Save Alternatives and send your letters of support.

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Day 8 of Take Back the Tech! The Great Pornography Debate - What's the harm?

KUALA LUMPUR 2 December 2009 (Take Back the Tech! for APC)
Take Back The Tech
Is porn harmful? Does it contribute to violence against women? Should it be censored? Is it misunderstood? Are there many types of sexual expressions that get clumped under one category of "pornography"? Does the internet actually provide opportunities to allow for more diverse expression of sexualities? Does it have benefits instead? What kind? Who should regulate it? The user of porn? The makers of porn? The gatekeepers of the internet? The government? The consumer association? No one? What's your take? Share your opinion and stories on the Take Back The Tech! Great Debate on Online Pornography.
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Take Back the Tech!

25 Nov – 10 Dec 2010 ******************************************

From 25 November to 10 December, get ready to click your mouse, flex your SMS fingers and engage full energy to take control of technology to end violence ag

Do you have a right to online knowledge? Report shows open internet in danger

JOHANNESBURG 16 November 2009 (APC for APC/Hivos )

A new report that reveals how vulnerable the internet as we know it is, has just been published by two global civil society organisations. The annual report, called Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch), was released today by APC and Dutch funder Hivos. GISWatch 2009 is entitled “Access to online information and knowledge – advancing human rights and democracy”.

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Anti-censorship and surveillance group censored at the Internet forum in Egypt

SHARM EL-SHEIKH 15 November 2009 (FMA for FMA)

A poster promoting a new book called "Access Controlled" was removed by the IGF's organisers who claimed a sentence in the poster violated UN policy. The sentence in question reads "The first generation of Internet controls consisted largely of building firewalls at key Internet gateways; China's famous "Great Firewall of China" is one of the first national Internet filtering systems."

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Global Information Society Watch 2009

By APC/Hivos (November 2009, APC/Hivos )
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APC condemns seizure of .hn by coup leaders

MONTEVIDEO 30 September 2009 (APC for APC)

The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) condemns the precipitated and unilateral decision of the coup government in Honduras to take over management of the .hn domain and affirms our solidarity with the long-time domain administrators, RDS, a pioneer provider of internet services especially oriented to civil society networks in Central America. APC calls for immediate dialogue with all stakeholders towards a positive solution for the Honduran people, prioritising the stability of the domain name system and the stability of the internet.

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Freedom of expression


Universal Human Rights on the world of ideas and has the right to freedom of expression by Beyannameasine.

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