Freedom of expression

Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Mexico country report

By Luis Fernando García and Vladimir Chorny, R3D: Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (March 2016, APC )

Mexico’s Constitution recognises the right of access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). However, the population has a low rate of access to the internet. The law recognises net neutrality, including the principles of non-discrimination and free access. However, there is documentary evidence of practices that run contrary to these principles. Meanwhile, the Mexican authorities have augmented their technical and legal powers of surveillance of communications. The legislation does not clearly and precisely identify which authorities are empowered nor in what circumstances surveillance may take place.

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Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Costa Rica country report

By Cooperativa Sulá Batsú (March 2016, APC )

Costa Rica has laws that recognise and protect the following rights: privacy, freedom of expression, honour, freedom of conscience, religion, association and assembly, and non-discrimination. The laws are backed up by national doctrine and jurisprudence, that is, judicial literature and sentences that recognise and mould an environment for the protection of these rights. For the present report what is of interest is the “medium of the internet” or the protection of these rights on the internet.

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Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Colombia country report

By Juan Diego Castañeda and Amalia Toledo, Fundación Karisma (March 2016, APC )

This report will give a rapid overview of current regulations and the most relevant cases – in the courts and the media – affecting positively or negatively the exercise of human rights by Colombian citizens. We will review regulations on net neutrality, cyber crime, child protection, criminal investigation and intelligence activities, data retention and anonymity, emphasising the problems that many of these regulations pose for the protection of fundamental rights.

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At the Internet Freedom Festival: "Political expression, minorities, human rights defenders are under threat in Pakistan"

VALENCIA 9 March 2016 (APC for APCNews)

“Political expression, minorities, human rights defenders, journalists are under threat in Pakistan.” This was the message stressed at the beginning of a session organised by Bytes for All, Pakistan, on the state of surveillance and censorship in the country, at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain.

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Internet Freedom Festival, a civil society response to censorship and surveillance

VALENCIA 3 March 2016 (APC for APCNews)

“Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance” is the motto of the Internet Freedom Festival taking place in Valencia on 1-6 March.

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EMPOWER Malaysia: "The best way to counter alleged misinformation is more information"

29 February 2016 (APC for APCNews)

This was the message sent by Malaysian human rights group EMPOWER, in reaction to the latest internet censorship developments in the country.

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Empower Malaysia: "Stop censoring information"

By Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) (February 2016, APC )

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Violations of freedom of expression in the name of religion increasingly taking place online, impacting women and sexual minorities

17 February 2016 (APC and Bytes for All, Pakistan)

Violations of freedom of expression in the name of religion, are increasingly taking place online, and disproportionally impact women and sexual minorities.

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Joint written statement to the UN Human Rights Council on the impact of religion on freedom of expression and women's rights online

By APC and Byes for All, Pakistan (February 2016, APC )

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Latin American civil society experts discuss media concentration and digital convergence in Montevideo

MONTEVIDEO 4 February 2016 (APC / OBSERVACOM for APCNews)

Thirty civil society experts from eight Latin American countries are gathering in Montevideo, Uruguay, to discuss media concentration and identify the policy and regulatory strategies needed to strengthen media plurality in this new environment.

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