Freedom of expression

Suggestions for internet-related human rights questions to be included in the list of issues on Pakistan, Human Rights Committee 120th session, June-July 2017

By Association for Progressive Communications, Bytes for All Pakistan, and Media Matters for Democracy (August 2016, APC )
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I delete myself: Anonymity and sexuality online

Cyberspace has given the queer woman a chance to problematise the existing gender and sexual identities which, like any identity, are not static. It allows her to create and occupy spaces which will give her freedom and power in a way that the misogynistic physical world cannot provide.

“Although the cyber crime bill will soon become law, the movement to oppose or amend it has not come to an end"

12 August 2016 (Media Matters for Democracy, Bytes for All, Pakistan and APC)

Pakistan’s new and controversial cyber crime bill is poised to become a law after the National Assembly passed it this week. Media Matters for Democracy, Bytes for All, Pakistan and APC remain extremely concerned over the failure of legislators to ensure that the law fulfils basic human rights standards.

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In spite of continued objections over serious human rights implications, Pakistan’s new cyber crime bill passes through: Joint statement by Media Matters for Democracy, Bytes for All, Pakistan and APC

By Media Matters for Democracy, Bytes for All, Pakistan and the Association for Progressive Communications (August 2016, )
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Interview with Anja Kovacs, Internet Democracy Project, at World Forum on Free Media


[img_assist|nid=21869|title=|desc=Anja Kovacs speaking at World Forum on Free Media.

Civil Society at OECD event in Mexico rejects repression in Oaxaca

By Article 19 and others (June 2016, )

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Written submission to the Human Rights Councils' 32nd session: State of internet rights in India, Malaysia and Pakistan

By Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Bytes for All, Pakistan (B4A), Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and EMPOWER (June 2016, APC )
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The role of private actors regarding freedom of expression in the digital age: APC welcomes UN Special Rapporteur's report

13 June 2016 (APC for APCNews)

The Association for Progressive Communications welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, which focuses on the critical issue of the role of the ICT sector in the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression. The report will be presented at the Human Rights Council on 16 June.

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Attacks on social movements increase online, tech support comes to the rescue

4 June 2016 (Kendra Moyer for APCNews)

Activist technology groups and May First/People Link rally to mitigate DDoS attacks waged against Palestinian rights defenders and women’s and reproductive rights activists.

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