Freedom of expression

Pakistan: Freedom of expression for civil liberties in conflict areas 2013


Freedom of expression (FoE) is essential for the personal development and dignity of every individual and is vital for the fulfillment of other human rights.

“Like” yourself to jail: New laws to restrict online speech


[Bosnian below]

Reflections on the Internet Governance Forum 2013 in, Bali, Indonesia, by Aida Mahmutović, from the APC member and FLOW partner owpsee in Sarajevo.

Do you think about the consequences before you upload, share, comment or like something on your favorite social media.

African leaders reaffirm commitment to internet access amid blackout in Sudan

JOHANNESBURG 10 October 2013 (AG for APCNews)

Sudan experienced a massive internet outage on 25 September 2013 in addition to a violent crackdown on protests over fuel subsidy cuts by the Sudanese government. Evidence suggests that the connectivity blackout was not a catastrophic technical failure, but rather an intentional act to disconnect citizens of Sudan from the rest of the world and from each other.

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MIND 4 - Human Rights and Internet Governance

By Joy Liddicoat (November 2012, Internet & Society Co:llaboratory )
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Southern Africa reclaims freedom of expression online

JOHANNESBURG 25 September 2013 (AG for APCNews)

On 20-21 September, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) held a regional dialogue and workshop on “Freedom of expression in cyberspace” in Johannesburg. The event explored how to empower human rights defenders in Southern Africa using the internet. Discussion brought to light issues of intermediary liability, surveillance, human rights, and internet governance.

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Human Rights Council briefing note: 24th Session

By Joy Liddicoat and Deborah Brown (September 2013, APC and Access )

Access and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) have prepared a short briefing on the internet related human rights items that will be addressed at Human Rights Council 24, as well as some background on the Council’s work on the internet and human rights.

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Small grants for activism and advocacy

NEW YORK 30 August 2013 (Web We Want)

The Web We Want, a global campaign of which APC is part, has announced a round of small grants for 2013. The categories currently available are rapid response, surveillance action research, and capacity-building and outreach. The first deadline is September 9, and applications from non-profit groups in the Global South will be prioritised.

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Bangladesh: Proposed legislative amendments violate human rights

BANGLADESH 30 August 2013 (VOICE)

VOICE, an APC member in Bangladesh, denounces new legislation that will increase punishment for destroying computer data with malicious intent, transferring data without proper authority, hacking, and releasing vulgar and defaming information, thereby seriously endangering citizens’ right to privacy and human rights at large.

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Take action! Dangerous threats to freedom of expression and information in Macedonia

NEW YORK 29 August 2013 (AL for APCNews)

The government of Macedonia is proposing two media bills that, if approved, will severely impact Macedonians’ freedom of information and freedom of expression. Take action and ask the Minister of Information Society and Administration to reconsider the bills.

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Internet Intermediary Liability in Nigeria: New legislation threatens internet freedom

26 August 2013 (Maureen Nwobodo for APCNews)

Maureen Nwobodo, a Google policy fellow supporting APC’s work on intermediary liabilities from Nigeria, analyses how new legislation is using the private sector to police the flow of information online.

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