Freedom of expression

New bill prompts debate on online freedoms and rights for New Zealanders

22 April 2014
WELLINGTON 22 April 2014 (APCNews) -

APC welcomes the new Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill proposal launched by Green Party Member of Parliament Gareth Hughes in New Zealand.

Online surveillance and censorship in Sudan



In Sudan there are four licensed telecommunications companies – Sudani, Zain, MTN and Canar ‒ which provide both internet and mobile phone services. Zain, MTN and Canar are foreign-owned companies, while the government owns 22% percent of Sudani shares and the rest are owned by private investors.

Director of APC member Bytes for All – Pakistan recognised in digital advocacy

NEW YORK 26 March 2014 (APCNews)

APC joins the international community in congratulating member and friend Shahzad Ahmad on his recent Doughty Street Advocacy Award, and is proud to stand with Ahmad in the fight for freedom of expression wherever it is threatened.

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Nigeria and the UPR: Human rights on the internet


The final adoption of recommendations made to Nigeria at the Universal Periodic Review took place on the 20th of March 2014 (video available here). Nigeria, a member state of the UN, was previously reviewed at the 17th session of the UPR in October 2013.

Turkey violates human rights by banning Twitter

NEW YORK 21 March 2014 (APCNews)

APC expresses concern over the Turkish government’s decision to block access to Twitter in the country. We are particularly concerned in the light of Turkey being the host country of the 2014 Internet Governance Forum, a space that strives for a democratic and inclusive internet.

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Turkey violates human rights by banning Twitter

(March 2014, APC )

APC urges the Turkish government to respect international human rights standards and to immediately cease blocking, filtering and censorship of content and expression online.

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NGOs disappointed by weak promises on human rights in Malaysia

GENEVA 20 March 2014 (COMANGO)

The UN Human Rights Council officially adopted the outcome report on Malaysia’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) today. “It is disappointing that while Malaysia received the most recommendations regarding the abolition of the death penalty, all such recommendations were rejected,” said a coalition of Malaysian NGOs in a statement supported by APC.

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Online freedoms absent and sexual rights rejected in Nigeria's Universal Periodic Review

20 March 2014
LAGOS 20 March 2014 () -

Civil society groups spoke out today at the Human Rights Council 25th session in Geneva as Nigeria rejects recommendations to ensure the universality of human rights as part of its Universal Periodic Review.

Human Rights Council 25: Oral statement on Nigeria

By APC, Development Dynamics, PEN Nigeria, Fantsuam Foundation, CIVICUS (March 2014, )
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2014 ASEAN Civil Society Conference to address freedom of expression and women's human rights online

PERGAMINO 20 March 2014 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

The ASEA People’s Forum is holding its first ICTs related workshop co-organised by APC, EROTICS Indonesia, Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau, Inc, Myanmar ICT Development organization, and the Foundation for Media Alternatives. It will take place on 22 March in Myanmar, and will address issues such as freedom of expression, privacy, and women’s human rights in evolving digital information societies.

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