Freedom of expression

Joint Civil Society Statement to the Human Rights Council: Promote Strong Encryption and Anonymity in the Digital Age

By APC (June 2015, )

APC has joined 26 NGOs in welcoming the report of UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression on the use of encryption and anonymity in digital communication, which was presented to the Human Rights Council today.

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Interview with Bytes for All Pakistan's Sadaf Baig on expression, opinion and religious freedom in South Asia

JAKARTA 7 June 2015 (Leila Nachawati Rego for APCNews)

“Religion is used throughout the region to gain power and suppress free speech,” Bytes for All Pakistan’s Sadaf Baig said during the Regional Consultation on Expression, Opinion and Religious Freedom in South Asia, which brought together more than 70 human rights defenders, activists and journalists in Jakarta.

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Introducing APC's newest member: Instituto DEMOS in Guatemala

JAKARTA 4 June 2015 (Leila Nachawati Rego for APCNews)

APC has a new organisational member! As the APC network’s global advocacy efforts create and strengthen global connections amongst civil society, our membership grows, too. We spoke with Frank La Rue, president of the governing board of Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios para la Democracia Social (DEMOS).

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Towards a free and secure internet for all


Indeed, there are many benefits to being online, and yet there are also risks that people experience, especially people from marginalised groups, including women. While freedom of expression is magnified online, the right to privacy can be compromised. As more and more people are getting connected, is it possible to realise a free and secure internet for all?

Fighting against the return of censorship in Tunisia: Women striving for freedom of speech and press

TUNIS 11 May 2015 (Isabelle L'Héritier for APCNouvelles)

After having been held in silence and fear for years, public debate has been flourishing in Tunisia since 2011. Tunisian journalists Sana Sbouai and Lilia Weslaty actively participate in the day-to-day struggle to develop free alternative media. This is their account of the current situation.

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Free Malaysia Today: "Stop harassing activists and human rights defenders"

PETALING JAYA 6 May 2015 (Janarthani Arumugam for Free Malaysia Today )

On April 28, the police arrested Executive Director of EMPOWER Maria Chin Abdullah. Member of the BERSIH 2.0 Mandeep Singh was also brought in for questioning. Both were released on police bail after about an hour. They, along with Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tsin, are the latest targets of a wave of police investigations and arrests following Anwar Ibrahim’s incarceration and the Kita Lawan rallies.

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Bytes for All Pakistan: "End Impunity and Bring Perpetrators of Sabeen to Justice"

ISLAMABAD/BANGKOK 4 May 2015 (Bytes for All Pakistan)

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), together with its Pakistani member Bytes for All, strongly condemns the killing of Sabeen Mahmud. The groups also call on the government of Pakistan to ensure the protection of human rights defenders and bring perpetrators of the brutal murder of Sabeen Mahmud to justice.

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The latest amendments to the Sedition Act pose increasing threats to freedom of expression in Malaysia, both offline and online

23 April 2015 (APC for APCNews)

APC, along with other organisations, has signed a joint letter of concern on the declining standards of freedom of expression in Malaysia.

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Joint letter of concern on the declining standards of freedom of expression in Malaysia

By APC (April 2015, APC )

We would like to express our concern on the declining standards of freedom of expression in Malaysia and the recent amendments introduced to the Sedition Act. The amendments also threaten freedom of expression online.

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GISWatch: Mexico should legislate on the use of unwarranted government surveillance


On 14 April, we presented GISWatch 2014 – Communications surveillance in the digital age in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico. This was possible thanks to the organisations SonTusDatos and APC.

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