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Islamabad, Pakistan

Muavin is a concept developed by Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD); a digital tool to help push back on cyberbullying, harassment and online violence, especially targeted at vulnerable groups.

ICTs, climate change and development workshop

MONTEVIDEO 24 January 2012 (APC for APCNews)

In partnership with the University of Manchester, APC co-hosted a workshop from January 22 – 24 in Johannesburg to discuss findings, challenges and key actions going forward on how ICTs can help mitigate climate change and help communities better adapt to the increasing changes in their local environments.

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IGF workshop 155 report: Human rights - a unifying approach for development, freedom, access and diversity?

By Joy Liddicoat (November 2011, APC )

A report from the APC workshop organised at the 2011 IGF in Kenya. Workshop participants discussed examples of current internet related human rights violations, considered implications for development, freedom access and diversity, shared strategies for remedies and accountability against human rights violators, opportunities and challenges for seeking remedies, how human rights is a growing theme in the IGF, and the role of government, private sector and civil society in taking these issues forward together.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Nigeria Workshop Report

By Emmanuel Edet (August 2011, APC )
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India to host the first ever Info-Activism Camp

6 October 2008 (Tactical Tech for Tactical Tech)

APC partner Tactical Tech, an international NGO that helps activists use information and ICTs to increase their impact, are currently accepting applications for the first international camp on info-activism. The Info-Activism Camp, a seven-day event will take place from February 19 – 25 2009 in Bangalore India. As the first meet-up of this type, participants will learn and share advocacy techniques using ICTs through workshops, group discussions, interactive sessions and live demos.

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Attendees during the 2008 CILAC workshop

Attendees during the 2008 CILAC workshop

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