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GenARDIS Knowledge Sharing workshop

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Mar 24 2010 - Mar 27 2010


South Africa
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The knowledge-sharing workshop will be a space to enable the 15 grantees to share outcomes as well as to discuss best practices and lessons learned. It will also be used to gather case studies and stories to feed into the ongoing programmes of partner institutions, as well as for GenARDIS’ own evaluation process.

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Johannesburg (possibly Garden Place Guest House)

APC-Africa-Women HIVOS Evaluation

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Conversations around ICT, gender and building women’s networks in Africa. An evaluation comissioned by HIVOS to review and evaluate and make recommendations to AAW on activities funded by HIVOS since 2005.
The general purpose of this consultancy is to evaluate to what extent objectives – as formulated in the contract – have been achieved and whether the implementation strategy used was effective. Additionally the evaluation is expected to provide an analysis of chosen intervention strategies and to identify recommendations for strengthening the AAW.


1. Building women’s capacity for strategic use of ICT use (part of Hivos contract)
1.1. WNSP/AAW members have increased technical skills, are networking with more women technicians and are shaping ICT tools for women
1.2. Women and their organisations are aware of and trained to in the use of affordable, appropriate and innovative tools and applications in order to strengthen their network and raise the profile of content produced by women
1.3. Through AAW’s links to APC programmes, APC members and other networks, women have increased access to opportunities for training and capacity building

2. Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) (part of Hivos contract)
The effective application of the Gender Evaluation Methodology for ICT Initiatives (GEM) by ICT practitioners, donor agencies and international organisations.

3. Gender and ICT Policy advocacy (part of Hivos contract)
3.1. Participation of AAW in policy events and activities towards creating a visible, national and regional policy advocacy movement with a strong gender and ICT agenda.
3.2. Contribution of African and Francophone content to
3.3. participation in “TakebacktheTech” Campaign

4. Network building
4.1. An engaged AAW network, more integrated into other APC programmes and with an expanded and strengthened membership base, sharing opportunities and working together on joint projects
4.2. AAW’s lead involvement in UNDAW training, GenARDIS, Harambee and Grace facilitating opportunities for AAW members and APC Africa members
4.3. Coverage of AAW and AAW member activities, news and events in APCNews, Chakula, APC blogs.

5. AAW Sustainability strategy
Accessing opportunities such as Grace, Harambee, GenARDIS and UNDAW enables AAW to generate income, create opportunities for AAW members.

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December 2008

Long-awaited GEM Francophone workshop begins

MONTEVIDEO 11 February 2009 (LC for APCNews)

In the recent years, APC’s francophone community has grown significantly, and with this growth also came an interest for Gender Evaluations Method (GEM) training in French. Requests for the workshop have not gone unheard, and the GEM Francophone Workshop, co-organised by the Women’s Networking Support Programme (WNSP), APC-Africa-Women (AAW) and Afriklinks officially began today in Bamako, Mali. The small group of fifteen people is comprised of participants from all over Africa, including two GenARDIS grantees. The workshop, which is coordinated and facilitated by APC’s Dafhne Plou and Sylvie Niombo, aims to build capacities in gender evaluation, integrating a GEM practice in Africa, and other challenges related to gender and ICTs in Africa. Additional information and impressions can be found on the Afriklinks webiste (in French).

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Connecting gender, agriculture and the information society: GenARDIS kick-off workshop

MONTEVIDEO 13 November 2008 (AL for GenARDIS)

Seven women and thirteen men from Anglophone and Francophone Africa and the Caribbean met during the last days of September in Gorée Island, Senegal. They have many things in common, but one in particular is their ability to make innovative connections in gender, agriculture and information and communication technologies (ICTs). This ability has led them to be finalists of the Gender, Agricultural and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund.

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APC and UgaBYTES join forces to evaluate gender and ICTs

BUWAMA 20 August 2008 (Francis Mwathi for UgaBYTES)

On the 6th of August 2008, Dafne Plou, an APC facilitator on the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) with telecentres, visited Uganda on a mission of evaluating how ICTs impact the community within gender lines.

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