Feminist autonomous infrastructure: Technomagical fires to warm your hearts

Valencia, Spain

At the Internet Freedom Festival, Jac sm Kee interviewed four amazing feminists from Latin America: Carla from Brazil, a volunteer at Marialab and Vedetas; Geisa Santos from Periféricas; Fernanda, also with Marialab and Vedetas; and Nadege, located between Spain and Mexico, and part of Kéfir.

They had organised a sessi

Building digital technologies


The inclusion of women in the building of technology (and specially, of digital technologies) is an issue that has got the attention of a variety of groups, from policy makers to researchers, public organisations, NGOs and entrepreneurs, and also of course groups that describe themselves as feminist.

Why does the “gend

New issue paper: How the technical community frames the Internet and economic, social and cultural rights

23 December 2015 (Avri Doria for APC)

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issues surrounding strategies for cooperation with the technical community in the effort to advance economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs) on the Internet. The paper describes the framework for the analysis of the functional environment of the technical community. It later outlines some opportunities for making progress.

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