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Web & Multimedia Creative Director 多媒体,网络和未来媒体创意总监
www.ailingcai.com Born in China, Shanghai. Award-winning design specialist, artist, and leader with diverse portfolio of success spanning website, multimedia, and user interface design. Intrinsic creative talent and keen eye for quality design and document/Web site layout. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Italian.

APC urges International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to limit use of toxic chemicals in electronics production

JOHANNESBURG 24 April 2008 (Natalie Brown for APCNews)

APC is supporting environmentalists’ calls to the South African National Committee of the IEC to vote against Clause 7 of IEC Standard 62368. Clause 7 requires that large amounts of fire retardant chemicals be used in electronics production, despite the lack of reliable fire data showing a need for such chemicals. If passed, this clause will make it even more difficult and dangerous to recycle electronic waste, or e-waste, and may pose serious health risks to consumers.

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Battlefield internet: Belarusian civil society active despite censorship

MINSK 2 April 2008 (Pavel P Antonov for APCNews)

Zelyonaya Set’s headquarters are no different from any other non governmental organisation (NGO) office in Central and Eastern Europe. Still, something is a little different here, where an online network for environmental groups is being set-up for Belarus.

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E-waste challenges in developing countries: South Africa case study

By Alan Finlay (September 2005, APC )

This discussion paper, commissioned by the APC, aims to raise the profile of e-waste issues in developing countries so that the implications of information and communications technology (ICTs) for development initiatives can be better understood – particularly in the context of the increasing flow of old technology from developed to developing countries.

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COAST Trust and Equity and Justice Working Group, in association with 31 coastal NGOs in Bangladesh, organized a seminar Risk of

Dhaka, Bangladesh

COAST Trust and Equity and Justice Working Group, in association with 31 coastal NGOs in Bangladesh, organized a seminar “Risk of Climate Change: Loss Compensation” at National Press club .

This seminar is objectively organized to discuss ‘climate change risk and loss’ in Bangladesh, raise mass awareness on climate change impact and demanding compensate on the eve of UN CoP 13 to be held in Bali from 2-14 December, 2007.

Greening IT event: Europe’s way to an environmentally sustainable information society

BELGRADE 5 October 2007 (Pavel Antonov for APCNews)

Individual activists and organisations are invited to join an online discussion on the potential of information technology for environmental sustainability. APC, BlueLink Bulgaria, and Ekoforum Serbia will produce a live online talk show from Belgrade in partnership with the UNECE Aarhus Convention Secretariat as a side event to the Sixth Ministerial “Environment for Europe” Conference.

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Central and East European online environmentalism targeted

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 13 September 2007 (Pavel P Antonov for APCNews)

Fidanka and Eoin McGrath, a family soon expecting their first child, spent two of the hottest August days in a quite unusual way – having a friendly talk with police officials. The family life was disturbed abruptly this summer, when the two were called in by the local unit of the Bulgarian secret service.

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Part Two: Defending online free speech and environmental rights in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgarie

In this article I speak to Milena Bokova, BlueLink Information Network executive director, who talks about the intimidation against her colleague, blogger Michel Bozgounov, the threats to the freedom of online expression in her country, and the Bluelink Freenet Campaign.

Part One: Defending online free speech and environmental rights in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria

The June 29, 2007 decision of the Bulgarian Administrative Court (VAS) to remove the protected status
of the National Park Strandzha, has evoked a strong reaction from the
Bulgarian blogsphere and also from the country’s vibrant environmental

GKP recalls commitment to bridge digital divide

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Last few years we are looking for the best info-tech for the benefits of rural people. Indeed still the technology is so expensive for them because we have no well off IT infrastructure and making technological services on vernacular language is also challenging task.

Jamilur Reza Choudhury, former adviser of caretaker government and vice chancellor of BRAC university, observed these when he was giving speech as chef guest of the GKP South Asia Regional Meeting at the BRAC Inn.

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