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Avaaz is one of the largest online activist networks with a strong political agenda aimed at closing the gap between the rich and poor regions.

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Progressive techies declare their rights - and responsibilities

MONTEVIDEO 2 August 2010 (Kah for APCNews)

At the United States Social Forum on June 24 fifty politically progressive technologists came together for the first US Progressive Techie Congress. The Congress emerged with a statement applauded by other socially-responsible networks like the APC as “a great set of principles”.

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Seminar on 'The Significance of Natural Resource Management in Rural Development'

Krishnaa Human Initiatives (KHI) is a Citizen Sector Organization founded in memory of (Smt.) Krishna Biswas who dedicated herself to progressive movement for the welfare of women and society. KHI works with the grassroots-level organizations working directly with and for the underprivileged. The Organization is registered under The West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961.

Producing social justice video in Asia? Take the EngageMedia strategic planning survey

JAKARTA 14 July 2010 (EngageMedia for EngageMedia)

EngageMedia has been working hard over the past five years to establish itself as “a leading distribution platform of social justice videos from the Asia-Pacific Region.” Come share with EngageMedia before 6 August what you think of their services and give suggestions on what you think they do best, what they should do more of, and help them create their strategic plan for the next few years.

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Fighting illegal logging in Bulgaria's forests

SOFIA 12 July 2010 (BlueLink for APCNews)

A campaign to expose illegal logging is a new wall against the extinction of forests in Bulgaria. The campaign combines digital tools and green activism in an online system for filing whistle-blower alerts.

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ICTs, Climate Change and Development: New Concept Paper and Scoping Study


Two new documents on ICTs, climate change and development are available online at: http://www.niccd.org/resources.htm

Concept Paper: builds four new conceptual models –
i) Climate change vulnerability in developing countries;
ii) Climate change adaptation and adaptive capacity of communities and wider “livelihood systems”;
iii) Climate change resilience;
iv) The contribution of ICTs to

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Global Environment Facility Evaluation Office (GEFEO)

Site dedicated to building the networking and professional capacity of individuals working on the evaluation of climate change and international development projects and programs. The “Climate-Eval” community of practice is a network oriented at building and improving the quality of information shared through the site.

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Gonzalo Griebenow
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JAKARTA: Time for Reel Action Climate Crisis Video Launch

JAKARTA 2 June 2010 (Andrew Garton for EngageMedia)

Coinciding with World Environment Day EngageMedia is launching a curated compilation of videos that deal with climate change issues from an Asia-Pacific perspective. Time for Reel Action (T4RA) is a video compilation of climate change stories that explores the impacts, the action and climate solutions emerging from the region.

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Google Earth’s attempt to explore the potential impacts of climate change on Earth and solutions for adaptation and mitigation, in the context of the United Nation’s Climate Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen.

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The International Congress on “Media literacy and digital cultures”


Congress ATEI
Media literacy and digital cultures
Seville, May 13 and 14, 2010

Held by:
Asociación de Televisiones
Educativas y Culturales Iberoamericanas


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