The Feminist Internet Exchange at the 13th AWID International Forum

19 August 2016 (AWID)

From 8 to 11 September, in Costa do Saruípe, Brazil, we will hold a space that puts feminism –in all of its diversity and creativity– at the heart of engagement with technology, bringing together activists, researchers, and techies working on advancing a feminist internet. You’ll get new ideas, inspiration and maybe even potential collaboration!

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Strategic use of ICTs breaks the silence on violence against women and girls in Busia District.

Busia, Uganda

Like in many communities of Uganda wife battering, marital rape, denial of love, defilement, grabbing of widows properties, early and forced marriage, forced prostitution, defilement, sexual harassment, widow inheritance and other forms of violence against women (VAW) seem to be normal practices in the rural communities of Busia District.

Women and girls suffer quietly because according to t

Feminist Tech Exchange Planning Meeting

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Aug 3 2008 - Aug 5 2008


South Africa


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Trainers planning meeting in preparation for the Feminist Tech Exchange in South Africa November 10-12.

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Members Involved: 
Monkey Valley, Noordhoek

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