Connecting gender, agriculture and the information society: GenARDIS kick-off workshop

MONTEVIDEO 13 November 2008 (AL for GenARDIS)

Seven women and thirteen men from Anglophone and Francophone Africa and the Caribbean met during the last days of September in Gorée Island, Senegal. They have many things in common, but one in particular is their ability to make innovative connections in gender, agriculture and information and communication technologies (ICTs). This ability has led them to be finalists of the Gender, Agricultural and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund.

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GenARDIS Workshop

Goree Institute, Goree Island
Date and time: 
Sep 26 2008 (All day) - Sep 30 2008 (All day)

GEM Thematic Adaptation Workshop for Localisation Initiatives

Vientiane (hotel venue to be determined)
Date and time: 
Jan 18 2009 (All day) - Jan 21 2009 (All day)

Localisation projects are often deemed as gender neutral, having a prime focus of developing localised technology only.

Breaking stereotypes about women, girls and technology in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE 14 August 2008 (Lenka Simerska for APC WNSP)

Taking control of technology for women’s advocacy took a different tack in the Czech Republic, where APC WNSP Europe introduced the project “Women into IT” to challenge stereotypes around women and ICTs and attract more women into the IT field.

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Gender Networking and Advocacy on the Information Society

Bahay ni Isis (BnI), International Women's House 3 Marunong Street, Barangay Central, Quezon City Philippines
Date and time: 
Jul 8 2008 - 9:00am - Jul 9 2008 - 12:00pm

On July 8th, the learning event will focus on sharing of findings and recommendations of an APC evaluation of gender networking and advocacy during the World Summit on the Information Society.

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