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Ford Foundation conference sheds light on internet freedom


The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reported the Ford Foundation is advocating that the internet is not merely a way to help further social change, but is integral to making that change happen.

New mechanisms for linking research & policy – Initial workshop

Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica
Date and time: 
Feb 22 2011 - 9:00am - Feb 23 2011 - 6:00pm

Thirty people, including participants, resource people and expert trainers, will participate in a two-day workshop in Kingston, Jamaica 22-23 February 2011.

APCNews 135 – Anti-VAW in Pakistan, Egypt, Africa broadband– 14/2/11

APCNews 135 – Anti-VAW in Pakistan, Egypt, Africa broadband– 14/2/11

APCNews – February 14 2011 – Year XI Issue 135
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development
UN Women, led by ex-Chilean prime minister Michelle

APC 11th Council Meeting and APC-wide project meetings

Date and time: 
Mar 20 2011 - 9:00am - Mar 21 2011 - 6:00pm

Bringing together APC staff and members from around the world for the first time since 2007.

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APC Networking and Learning Forum on Research, Advocacy and Collaboration for an Open, Fair and Sustainable Internet

Date and time: 
Mar 17 2011 - 9:00am - Mar 19 2011 - 6:00pm

The “APC Action Research Network” (ARN) is a new initiative by APC funded by the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC), with the overall goal of building and strengthening research capacity in the existing APC research community, and growing the current network of researchers that do national and regional advocacy in initiatives led by APC.

There is no so-called illegal download!

South Korea

Popular celebrities (Ahn Seong-gi, Park Joong-hoon, etc.) in South Korea have launched a public campaign called good downloader The message of this “public campaign” is that films and animations where these actors/actresses and singers
are starring are in danger due to illegal downloading.

Egypt: Regimes cannot overcome the power of people communicating in solidarity

(January 2011, APC )

“The power of people communicating in solidarity and joint action is a power that even the most over-confident rulers and regimes cannot overcome, not in the long term”, said APC’s executive director Anriette Esterhuysen. “What is happening in Egypt and Tunisia is a demonstration of people’s outrage and courage in the face of long term repression – now played out on and supported by the internet and mobile technologies.” APC joins the global solidarity with the Egyptian people as they take to the streets in the struggle for democratic reform and human rights.

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New Report about Open Data for an Open Society

Open Data, Open Society is a report written by Marco Fioretti for the
Institute of Economics of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Quebec government chooses APC glossary as linguistic reference in French

GULMARG 12 January 2011 (LC for APCNews)

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française, Canada’s official French linguistic authority, is using APC’s 105-word ICT- and human rights-related glossary in a new database that it is creating in partnership with an international francophone linguistic network, Rifal. The database is to act as a standing linguistic reference across the francophone world and can now be accessed online.

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