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Micro-docs, native title and ICTs

KUCHING, SARAWAK 24 December 2008 (Andrew Garton for

Video, native title and the internet provides outlet for communities affected by the development of the second of twelve dams proposed for Sarawak, the second largest state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

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Community Radio Services in Election Manifesto of Awami League NINTH PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS-2008: A Charter for Change

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina yesterday (12 December, 2008) unveiled her party’s election manifesto titled Charter for Change.

Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 Gazetted in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Right to Information Ordinance, 2008 (RTI) came into effect with the government publishing a gazette notification Monday, on 20 October, 2008.

APC is developing a “pro-poor” internet access kit

MONTEVIDEO 13 October 2008 (APC for APCNews)

Business people, community activists and policy-makers have an interest in as many people as possible –including people in the lowest income-brackets- having access to the internet, being able to check out important information on websites and communicate cheaply via email or internet phone.
In order to reduce poverty and foster inclusive development through affordable access to the internet, APC is working on a resource kit for realising a universal access agenda, present promising options, experiences, lessons and opportunities in pro-poor access provision in developing societies.

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India to host the first ever Info-Activism Camp

6 October 2008 (Tactical Tech for Tactical Tech)

APC partner Tactical Tech, an international NGO that helps activists use information and ICTs to increase their impact, are currently accepting applications for the first international camp on info-activism. The Info-Activism Camp, a seven-day event will take place from February 19 – 25 2009 in Bangalore India. As the first meet-up of this type, participants will learn and share advocacy techniques using ICTs through workshops, group discussions, interactive sessions and live demos.

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RTI Ordinance in Bangladesh: Speakers tell seminar on Right to Know Day, 2008

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Speakers at a seminar on 28 September, 2008 called on all to extend cooperation in implementing the Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008 for the greater benefit of the countrymen.

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008 in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008

Dhaka, Sept 20

Freedom of access to information in South Asia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Freedom of access to information in South Asia
Muhammad Zamir

Community Radio Initiators Ready to Run the Stations Soon in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) along with other like-minded organizations has been conducting advocacy with the Government for community radio in Bangladesh since its ince

We invite you to join Community Radio initiative in Bangladesh


Community Radio has a very special place in BNNRC’s intervention.

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