New criminal code endangers privacy of Ecuadorians

QUITO 26 November 2013 (Valeria Betancourt for APCNews)

Article 474 of the new Ecuadorian criminal code legalises systematic surveillance of internet communications, flagrantly violating citizens’ rights to privacy. Valeria Betancourt, APC policy manager, analyses the problematic aspects of the article.

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Ecuador’s communications law: With a view toward a more democratic regulation

NEW YORK 1 August 2013 (AL for Digital Rights)

APC wrote an analysis of the latest communication’s law in Ecuador for the newsletter Digital Rights, focusing on both problems and opportunities that its implementation will imply.

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Ecuador's new Communications Law: Progress on access and spectrum allocation, but a reverse for freedom of expression

MONTEVIDEO 27 June 2013 (AL for APCNews)

Ecuador has approved a communications law that recognises the right of universal access to information and communication technologies (ICT) and fairly apportions the frequency spectrum; on the other hand, it poses a threat to freedom of expression.

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New regulation threatens anonymity on the internet in Ecuador

NEW YORK 15 August 2012 (AL for APCNews)

The people of Ecuador are working together to get the government to change a new regulation that will allow the state to collect users’ personal data without a warrant.

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Open spectrum in Ecuador: The debate must extend beyond the circle of experts

MONTEVIDEO 21 March 2012 (AF for APCNoticias)

Lack of knowledge about the ways that policies relating to the spectrum affect people’s lives is one of the primary obstacles for the participation of civil society in the regulatory debate. Marco Navas Alvear promotes solutions for this problem in this interview by APC as part of the “Open spectrum for development” project.

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APC's submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Ecuador

QUITO 23 November 2011 (APC for APCNews)

APC’s submission for Ecuador to the Universal Period Review process, with support from CIESPAL and Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados, highlights the critical importance of the Internet for human rights, as well as social and economic development.

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The need to build alliances in Ecuador for better spectrum use and regulation

15 November 2011 (CIESPAL for APC)

Ecuador’s new constitution has created opportunities for democratising the spectrum based on a renewed vision of rights, and clearer definitions of the competencies required by the bodies that formulate policy and regulations. The priority now are civil society discussions on the legal reforms the new constitution demands says Marco Navas Alvear.

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Ecuador: Getting to where cables and commercial interests don't reach

QUITO 29 October 2009 (María Eugenia Hidalgo and AL for APCNews)

The new Constitution of Ecuador, which was passed in October of 2008, now legitimises the use of wireless networks as a way to achieve universal access. In the debate leading up to the new constitution, the wireless networks were able to boast low cost, sustainability and using existing and free waves to the communities and organisations using them. In an attempt to connect paper to practice, APC conducted a study on the possibilities and the political and regulatory context of this type of network, and explore a few success stories that took place over the last few years.

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Ecuador: Inputs from civil society for the formulation of the Communication Law

By Raquel Escobar Guevara (June 2009, APC )
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Ecuador: Fund for the Development of Telecommunications in Rural and Urban-marginal Areas

By Hugo Carrión Gordón (June 2009, APC )
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