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APC statement on World Wide Web Consortium move towards standardising digital rights management

By APC (April 2017, APC )
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The case for “open access” in Africa: Mauritius case study

LONDON 26 September 2008 (Russell Southwood for APC)

As other African countries along the SAT-3 submarine internet cable struggle with the high costs of monopolised international bandwidth, Mauritius has encouraged a lowering of prices through price-setting. But Mauritius Telecom had lowered its rates even before the government scale came into effect. The Cyber Island has seen a significant increase in its call centre and outsourcing sectors. Can Mauritius provide lessons to countries that are looking to boost their economies? This study written by Russell Southwood for APC in May, and now available for the first time in French and Portuguese, examines the relationship between international bandwidth prices in Mauritius and the impact of its Cyber Island strategy.

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Why African governments need to listen to the case for "open access" to international communications infrastructure

SAXONWOLD 25 September 2008 (Lisa Thornton for APCNews)

Africa faces two serious challenges regarding internet connectivity – high prices and unreliable connections. The SAT-3/WASC cable, a submarine cable that runs from Portugal to South Africa, has the potential to help alleviate some of the connectivity challenges however, a study released by the APC in May 2008 and now in French and Portuguese written by Abiodun Jagun, reveals that the cable remains largely under-utilised. APCNews talks to Abi Jagun about her findings.

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6th International Conference on Open Access

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Nov 12 2008 - Nov 14 2008




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The conference is being hosted by the ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM)

Open Access in the context of Communication (Open Communication) means that anyone, on equal conditions with a transparent relation between cost and pricing, can get access to and share communication

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APC statement - ICASA hearings on draft essential facilities regulations

JOHANNESBURG 7 March 2008 (APCNews)

The APC stated its whole-hearted support of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) for the drafting of regulations prescribing a list of essential facilities for electronic communications which will create conditions of open access on a non-discriminatory basis to undersea-based submarine cables. APC also called on ICASA to take immediate action to counter anti-competitive behaviour of Telkom, the dominant fixed line operator. Read the full statement.

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